I Had Surgery to Remove Fibroid Tumors

I was told about getting hot flashes but I wans't told that they would end up lasting for more than a year!  I have been experiencing hot flashes for going on four years.  It'll be four years exactly on June 4th.  I have had the night sweats like you wouldn't believe.  Those don't happen anymore but the hot flashes don't seem to dissipate at all and sometimes they are so strong that I can't move and feel sick and dizzy.  It's like spontaneous combustion practically.  It seems like they take so long to stop too.  In the summer time it's so much worse.  The only time I appreciated them was during freezing temperatures during the cold months.  My doctor offered me hormone pills but advised me that I could have a greater risk of a heart attack and I am not going to add anything to my body to let that happen.  So I continue to have them.  Phew!  Here's one right now.  That's what I mean.  I have no idea how much longer these things will happen but I hope they will stop SOON!!!!!

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Mar 9, 2009