My wife and I over the last month and a half have had three ********** with other men.
I found this one of the horniest things I have ever done. Seeing her enjoy the experience so much has for some reason brought us even closer than we were before
Any one else done the same?
kinky63 kinky63
4 Responses Aug 20, 2014

It IS hot, I have to agree!!!...

Can i join you?

Where are you?

Im traveling to US next month? 18th

Well I'm in uk!

Ops it is difficult then as i just came from braintree last month
Any suggestion

Your in uk?

just traveled last month and stayed at Braintree may be will come back
message me please

Message if you ever come back


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have you did DP, did she like

And what did she say?

Oh we'll lost cause mate