I have been encouraging my wife to **** another man for some time, and recently she did. we had my best friend staying with us for a few days and one night while I was sliding my **** into her, I suggested that she go down stairs and **** him. she was nervous, but excited and after a while went to his room. I waited for a few minutes then crept downstairs to see what was happening. as I got near the room, I started hearing the noises I was hoping to hear, kissing, slurping etc. the door was closed, but as it was a sliding door I very carefully opened it just enough so I could see inside. I was greeted with the sight of my wife, naked, legs apart, and my best friend between them. it was incredible. I stayed there for a while, watching and listening to my wife getting ****** and living every minute. after a while I decided to go back to our bed and wait for her to bring me back her used *****. after two solid hours of *******, she sashayed into our room, totally naked with a cheeky grin on her face. she laid down next to me and I immediately climbed on and entered her just ****** *****. it felt amazing to be sliding my **** into her freshly ****** ***** and I quickly came inside her.
she has ****** him several times since and I'm planning on making it a ********* next time.
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6 Responses Aug 22, 2014

Damn, that got me hard!

You could have said that you now have a hot wife. It is amazing how quickly a woman can change from being a monogamous wife to being a hot wife. Her cheeky grin after she came back to you is an indication of how quickly her made the change.

You have just discovered the joys or wife-sharing, and the extra excitement of hearing and also seeing your wife in action - mesmerizing wasn't it? For me the "silky smooth seconds" you experienced is one of the ultimate's. Welcome to an exclusive club!

Ahh, thats such a great thril to see your wife with another guy, I love feeling of absolute arousal that it brings, I though would have probably *** just watching them. Mmm fresh cream pie though for me, non of that *******.

Looking forward to reading more of your adventures!

He must be a very happy man - not only does he get to visit his friend but gets his wife too. Truly a win - win!