My House Rules

1 - tell the truth.
2- treat each other with respect.(no name calling or putting people down)
3- no yelling, kicking, hitting, bitting , swearing.
4- no arguing with parents.
5- respect each others property.
6- do what mum and dad say the first time.
7- ask permisson before u go somewhere.
8- put things away when your done using them.
9- homework must be done before play time.
10 - clothes must be put out at the end of the week.
11- u must put your dirty dishes in the sink when your done.
12 -u must go to bed when told and stay in bed.
13 - always do your chours.
14 - always knock before entering a room.
15-always ask before taking something out of the fridge or cuborad.
16-no eat in your bedroom.
mommysbundles mommysbundles
31-35, F
Jan 13, 2013