What To Do When You Realize Your Plant Will Never Kiss Or Hug You :p

 Joking about title guys, calm down :)
I'm a 26/ female living alone and i own a houseplant ; but he's cool i promise. My plants' name is Kuroda and he has a little man who lives in his Bonsai branches; his name is Zhang. Of course my bestfriend had given the tree a chinese name, but then when she realized this Bonsai was Japanese; i fixed the situation. Thus, Kuroda entered my home and has been happy as a clam. My plant makes me happy yes, but i don't use him to substitute having a lover or boyfriend. That's what my guitar and voice are for lol. I plan to get more houseplants and turn my big patio into a tranquil spot. I would rather see flowers and chimes than stupid neighbors..and yes they are  dumber than rocks :)
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Haha. Great story. I have a ficus, Tiffany. Like you, I wrote a story about her . Good job. Would appreciate being added. Like how you think.

I used to sell Bonsai trees. They are so diminutive & cute. Its nice having a plant. I have a little man too. I never named him. He stands quietly in his robe.