Life With House Plants

smileyI have  a few house plants of various sizes.  I wouldn't be without them!  They make me smile.  Why do they have this magical effect on me I'm not quiet sure.  But they do.  They're like family I have named  most of them! They're always there, just needing an occasional feed and regular watering.  You can talk to them complain about people to them.  Have a good old rant and rave and they will never tell anyone your most precious secrets.  I have a Beryl an umbrella plant standing in the corner on the floor, Blubber on the other side a rubber plant of course.  They are quiet a few years old now.  Lilly is in the bathroom taking over the window sill, a peace Lilly of course with spider plants, and a trailing Tredascanti called Triffid..  Fern in the hall Madonna a prayer plant by the patio door.  Various smaller African violets on my window sills and Begonias and a few cacti including a money plant which I'm still waiting for it to work!!!.  On my window sill I have a few herbs parsley, mint , and rosemary.  It got to the stage where my son complained that if there were any more plants in the house he wouldn't be able to find the front door!
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1 Response Jul 27, 2010

I loved hearing about your houseplants! I have a peace lily also. Non-plant people think I'm crazy because I get so excited when the peace lily blooms. They just don't understand!