What Houseplant/s

I have a spider plant at the moment, I'm not green  fingered, could anyone suggest  a houseplant/s that are easy to care for and low maintenance. from small leaves to large and or broad leaf types! such as ficus and or yuca's and any others thanks.

I think I should have ask this as a question in the question and answers section LOL :-)
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Yes it does WB its, another one that is easy to care for thank you WB very much!!.<br />
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I think it would have too! maybe I should do that yet!<br />
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thank you lovely!!

I think you may have got more response there JJ,. <br />
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I thought of another plant "a rubber plant" don't know if that helps at all JJ, i hope it does!! lol

I should have done lol!! thank you a Cactus a small one or two on the window sill, when I'm next down the garden center I'll have a look cheers WB.

I don't really know as i am no expert JJ, but what about a "Cactus plant" Why? not write it in the Q/A section JJ??