One Of Those Night

stepped outside to the verandah way past midnight
I couldnt sleep
thoughts are rushing in my head
I was alone like always
the moon was so immaculate and stunning that particular night 
I was feeling particularly lonesome
Just watched a show about wolves and how if they lost their loved ones they would howl to call them
that night i felt like i was missing someone or something
but i have nobody to miss but yet i felt a little gripped with grieve 
so underneath my breath, i howled, though no one was around in the late hours of the night 
It made me felt stupid and i cut it out
went to my room
but still i felt like howling
tried to brushed the urge off
switched on the TV, watched some muppet show on nickledeon to forget the feeling
quite funny & that made me felt sad
realizing that the black box with talking pictures is my only company 
story of my life-- 
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2 Responses Mar 18, 2011

It was an interesting night . After a night of pizza and movies with my roomie. I found myself still awake after midnight with the moon so bright it felt like daylight. I found myself trying to describe how it felt and wanting to go outside and be surrounded by the beauty of the night. When I came back inside. I started writing about who I am, who I want to be. <br />
I guess I'm just trying to say that you were not alone in being affected by that night. When you are feeling lonely just remember that we are all connected. To use the wolf analogy there are lone wolves but we are essentially pack animals. Most people aren't meant to live separately. We need touch and companionship. Go out and find your mate. You obviously weren't meant to be a lone wolf.

The call for companionship is universal. The fact that there is a group and it has members shows you are not alone or strange. Hugs!