Unknown Danger

My story with getting HPV is short and incredibly heartbreaking for me.  I got HPV from a guy I was dating who didn't tell me he had it.  I didn't even detect it until after we were through.  My trust with men is still affected to this day. 
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I've read that it can go away in 2 year ifyour immune system is strong i have it and it sucks i've had for about a year, and i'm now taking multivitamins and i cant buy the medicine for it because its so expensive. When i first got it i thought my sex life was over but i''ve found guys who love me regardless knowing the risks. Particularly my currant boyfriend who knows, I've probably given it to him but we still use condoms and precautions, Whats terrible is you can even contract it with or without a condom, just genitalia contact. But accepting it and learning that its so common helps

Well, my ex-girlfriend gave me the frog warts.

hope he route in hell wher he belong!