It Was Devastating And Overwhelming

I was diagnosed with HPV when I was 16.  I've been fighting it ever since.  I have come to realize that I got it from one of the two guys that raped me during the summer of '07.  It was a hard thing to take in at first.  I went in for my first PAP and my first shot of Gardisil, a week later, my ob/gyn called me while I was at school and left a message for me to call her back.  I asked my teacher to be excused from class so I could go to the guidance counselor's office.  When I walked into my guidance counselor's office, she looked at me and knew something was wrong.  She noticed I was taking my cell phone out of my pocket and asked what was going on.  I told her my ob/gyn called and left a message.  She then told me to go ahead and listen to it and call her back if I needed to.  So I did.  When I called my ob/gyn, she told me that I was diagnosed with Level III HPV and that I needed to go in for a biopsy to get some precancerous cells removed from my cervix.  I told her to call my mother and schedule my appointment with her and gave her my mother's number.  Once I got off the phone with her, I started to cry.  My guidance counselor noticed it and said she will tell my teacher that I had recieved some devastating news from a doctor and needed some time to be alone.  Once I had calmed down, I told her what I found out and she said that she is willing to do research for me about it.  I told her I was going to do the research myself when I went to my Tech class the next day.  Ever since that phone call, I have always been so overwhelmed by the fact that I could some day have cervical cancer and maybe have to get my cervix removed.  Well, I just recently went to my ob/gyn for my semi-annual PAP on January 31st, and she told me that if she doesn't call me within a week, things were back to normal.  I hope and pray I don't get a phone call because I have been freaking myself out for the last 3.5 years.
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Hi there,<br />
I'm a Uni of Technology Sydney student writing an article about how the HPV vaccination ( which was given to girls in school between 2007-2009) is having such a dramatic effect on sexual health that it may ELIMINATE pap-smears, stirrups and speculums in turn for a basic swab! I'm looking for women who have had a bad pap smear experience/ are terrified of them/ find them painful and or awkward to comment for my article! It's just for a uni assessment and not for further publication! Any assistance would be FANTASTIC! <br />
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I am also writing about how the HPV vaccination has seen a HUGE drop in genital warts and cancers- if you have experienced these please contact! <br />
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I would however need a real name, please help! Thanks! Ally Dennis

Hydroxide420, don't let the HPV put down your hopes to have kids in the future, miracles do happen. It is scary and I don't know what exactly is all going on with me but I'm going for my semi-annual in August. I've been having semi-annuals since I was diagnosed because they won't stop until I have two normal PAPs in a row. They say it usually goes away within two years but for the most part, it's there for life, it just weakens to the point that it doesn't show up. Just keep your head up high, and always be honest with your sex partners before you have sex with them because they can get although hardly any of my exs ever got it, or at least we think cuz they didn't show male symptoms. Take life one day at a time, that's what my therapist said.

I have HPV and I was diagnosed with having level II cervical dysplasia. I had the LEEP procedure done on March 10th, 2011. I now have to have pap smears every 6 months for two years. Its hard but I found it early enough but I want a child l8r on in life. Idk if I can even get pregnant. I'm only 17 too.

no problem. all of girls with this problem need the support from those going through the same thing, even if we don't know each other.

i have gotten my gardisil shots a couple years ago...ive only been with one guy, my boyfriend....ahh thank you for your support! i'm like blocking it out of my head because when i think about it i stress out uncontrollably. i'm nervous to go back to the doctors...but its better to know than not i guess...i havent told anyone except my boyfriend so i really appreciate what you have to say. thank you :)

There really not any way to prevent it from getting worse but you could try to get the gardisil if you haven't already gotten sometimes slows down the process. Just be careful about who you are having sex with because sometimes it gets worse just by who your sex partner is depending on if they have it too before you have sex with them. I'm sure your mom might be supportive but I wouldn't know cuz I know a lot of moms aren't these days. Next time you go home, visit your ob/gyn as soon as possible. Get a PAP test taken to see what level it is so you know how likely you are of getting cervical cancer. I'm here if you need anymore support.

All I know is that I have HPV, I havent had a chance to go to the doctors and find out anything about the disease because I'm at school in a different state....Is there any ways to prevent it from getting worse? I dont know anything about it, because my doctor told me not to research online because it will only freak me its kind of more scary not knowing anything and freaking out 24/7....Good luck to you though, youre lucky you have a supportive mom!! I have been too scared to tell my mom so far...

Thanks snippy1 and squakum. <br />
To snippy1: My doctor called me today. I got bad news. It went from low-grade to mild. Have to go back in August. My mom is very supportive. She's been there ever since I was diagnosed.<br />
To squakum: It is scary. Especially with this bad news that I just received.

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I was diagnosed with cancer causing HPV in April, and I am so sorry you have to experience all of the stress and pain that comes with it. I have a doctor friend who says it isn't a big deal, half the population has some form of HPV. But it is abig deal. It's scary and no matter what the situation, it feels unfair. Best to you hon, stay strong. I'll be thinking of you.

I am so sorry all this has happened to you. Maybe you should call your doctor, I know waiting for any news can be really hard...I will pray that you get good news. I hope you are able to talk with your Mum, and she is supportive. Hang in there.

*hugs* thanks hun

OMG D: * huggles* babe... im here for youhh...pls tlk to me