Hpv So Scared

hi im nearly 20years old an was diagnosed a year ago, the problem is i live in turkey im more worried now as i dont know witch type of hpv i have. i had really bad genital warts, this is supposed to be a mild one but the gyno gave me a biopsy then the freezing of cancerous tissue an people say this is high risk. theres so many stories about people only need to kiss or touch u down there without an outbreak an they can get it.Is that true?I feel so alone my husbands turkish an hes the one who gave it to me he just thinks its not serious an that i should forget about it. but its not that easy theres so many questions i wanna ask the doctors just gave me the vaccine an said ur ok now u wont get any more outbreaks an u cant pass it to anyone for 8years *** bk in 8years an get another vaccine.nobody understands unless they have it,its not the outbreaks that hurt you its the emotional part of u feel as though ur nothing an deserve nothing but no one else will ever get what u mean.people on some sites have really scared me sayin how u cant change ur babies nappies or bath them or breast feed them cus they will get it.somebody please help an put my mind at rest a little bit
turkeybird turkeybird
Sep 1, 2011