High risk.

Last year I found out I have high risk HPV. When I probed deeper I found out that my husband had it, and his girlfriend from his last relationship had it, she informed me that she had cancerous cells removed about a year before that, soon before they broke up. I was scheduled for a colposcopy but when I went in I was informed that I had had a normal papsmere, and only if I had an abnormal papsmere would there be any concern. I was told that as long as I continued my normal paps I'd be fine. I didn't and won't get warts because that is a different type of the hpv virus and you either have what I have or the other, you don't get both. So that was good to know. I was also informed that it could clear up on its own in a couple years if it never causes cancer. So my story is actually a pretty normal one. I already have my two children, and I was pregnant with my second and had him with no complications while having hpv. It's not always scary, so don't worry if you get the news, as long as your paps are normal, you'll be fine.

nicopico nicopico
22-25, F
May 9, 2008

Actually, if it doesn't clear up in 2 years or there's been a certain extent of tissue changes caused by the HPV lesion, then, chances are that you'll be a chronic carrier. Regular assessment of the lesion by your family physician would be wise. At the 2 year mark, get a biopsy done to know the degree of tissue changes (dysplasia) with the option of removing the lesion via a procedure. An abnormal pap smear is usually too late.

Actually, I hate to rain on your optimism, but I was checked for hpv w/ my routine pap ( done yearly) & my pap was normal but they found hpv strain 16. I had biopsy because my MD is so thorough & they found cancer. So far waiting on staging. The moral of the story: You can have a normal pap but still have cancer. HPV 16 prefers the inner part of the cervix that won't always be swabbed for a pap. That doctors prudence, very well may have saved my life.