Please Help !!!

iam 22 years old and iam a student in a university, i had unprotect sex with my ex then after 3 weeks i had symptoms like diarrehea, headache, muscle pain, joint pain,nausea, vomiting,sore throat, skin burning sentation, wekness .In that time i thaught i have hiv , went to the hospital did a full check up which came bk all negative. then did the pcr test which also came negative , the dr told me i dont have hiv at all , so after that i think i have herpes or any kind of std . after 2 months took the antbodies test which came bk negative. now affter 3 months of exposure im still weak ,having this sore throat , loss weight , my skin still burn specially when under the sun , then i have some small tiny white pimples near my penis is it hpv. it bleed when i shaved . does hpv make the person so sensitive and weak outside and inside the body.
tutah tutah
1 Response May 1, 2012

HPV doesn't usually cause a lot of things on the inside of the body except make one more prone to cancer or having genital warts. It depends on the strand of HPV really. It actually sound like you're sick with something else. Hope this helps some.