How I Contracted Hpv Virus

I contracted HPV in 1980 I was 20 years old I know who gave it to me as well. I was a very vulnerable young woman just looking for someone to love me. I was too scared to ask the man I was with at the time to wear a condom actually I was always scared because of being embarrassed of what they might say to me, I feel very fortunate to this day that I never contracted HIV or another STD because of my shyness to just ask someone to wear one, because I was on a rampage of unprotected sex, and drinking all through the eighties due to low self esteem, and an unrelenting desire to get the love from anyone that I never got from my abusive step father. I thought sex was the way to find and feel love, sadly I have learned over many painful years of experience it is not. And oddly I had a very big mouth on every other subject. I just wish men would pull one out and insist  if sex is what they are looking to get. Why is it always up to the girl to suggest???  Any way I struggled with the ravages of HPV for 15 years they burned them off, froze them off, cut them out and all of these procedures more than once. Finally in 1990 after I got married I had level 2 dysplasia  from cell damage to my cervix they wanted to take it all out. They tried one last thing before removing my cervix as well as pretty much castrating me 5-FU I had to go in to Kapiolani Childrens Hospital every morning to get the treatment. I was supposed to stay off my feet so the 5-FU cream would not run down my legs but I had just started a new job as a legal messenger so off to work i went and got 2rd degree chemical burns down my legs but I am glad to say it must have done the trick I have been clear ever since I hope I still am as I am 5 years late on my pap smears which I am supposed to keep up with I just dislike doctors so much and I am one of the many with no insurance. Any way that is my story on HPV. I believe it is not taken seriously enough this wart virus can really reek havoc on ones body and life. I have great empathy for any one who suffers with it.
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May 8, 2012