HPV and Pre Cancer. Dealing With It. Giving Others Support.

I found out I had HPV shorty after my daughter was born when I called to schedule my appointment for my IUD.  The nurse told me that I had HPV and I called my mom in tears.  They scheduled a coloscopy and I had a friend go with me.  I lost my insurance before the results came back with pre cancerous cells on my cervix.  I remember thinking I'm only 20 yrs old how the hell is this happening.  I'm now trying to get back on my insurance before it turns into cancer and spreads.  I know theres nothing I can do about it so I try not to dwell to much though its hard.  I can guarantee my daughter will be getting the vaccine on her 9th birthday.  I never want her going through this and I now know how common it is.  Right now the only thing I can do is try to live a happy life for the sake of my children and husband.  I don't want my kids living with this cloud over their heads.  I use to think I was invisible cause I was young.  What a rude awakening I recieved that day.

I want young girls to know that HPV is not a death sentence.  You can live a full life with it.  It doesn't make you nasty, or bad, it makes you human, and you have to remember that ITS OKAY TO BE HUMAN.  Don't hold your head down in shame.  Women with HPV need to ban together and fight this disease.  Don't let it destroy you.

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I was recently diagnosed HPV (+) I felt like the weight of the world was on my shoulders. How did it happen? With who? Did I give it to anyone? How was I going to live the rest of my life. If there is no test for men do I just assume I'm giving it to the one I date or marry? Does he already have it and doesn't know it?

Then I realized all those diagnosed HPV(-) can have it too...except they may be in remission. So the only difference between HPV(-) and HPV(+) is that the HPV(-) are blissfully ignorant.

All HPV needs is skin contact so if there is blood contact then it spreads even faster. How anyone can get it: sharing razors, getting bikini waxes (they always double dip don't they?)
Then there is oral sex and regular intercourse with or without condoms (you can get either way). I'm a woman so even if I ask if my sexual partner tested negative for STDs he doesn't know: there's no test for men (yet). Also, when there is a test it will be inconclusive like the women's: remember HPV(-) doesn't mean the person doesn't have it/ it could be in remission. Yep, HPV can be spread when it is in remission.

It also can't be blamed on promiscuity either. You can get HPV the first time you have sex.

So here I am afraid of what other people are going to think. How I am going to share the news w/ someone I love. Why? There is nothing I could have done to prevent HPV that I didn't do. At last count 80% of the population has it- the other 20% probably doesn't know it yet (or isn't old enough). So let's stop blaming ourselves for starters. Get Gardasil or other vaccine if you can (It's advised for those up to 26 yrs of age) and protect against 90% of the virus strains.

I found out while pregnant with my son (from my gyno who thought my dr had told me but he didn't feel I needed to know about it) which would have been almost 11 years ago. I had a colposocy about 6 weeks after he was born, they deemed it gone, then it popped up again, told it was gone (repeat this for the next 10 years). I have regular paps and have now been told that i have high grade dysplasia, had once cyst burst a year ago and it's starting to feel like I live at my current obg's office. I have had my 2nd colposcopy now in less than a year and am worried about pre cancerous cells sitting around in my body for 11 years. <br />
<br />
I'm at a loss for what to do. I don't want to fret all day about this and have researched preventative diets. My family and my bf's family are very supportive, but maybe hearing from someone who has gone through this might give me some direction. <br />
<br />
Thanks for letting me vent.<br />
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I found out the same thing after i had my son.

As I said elsewhere on this forum, I think everyone should keep their heads up.<br />
<br />
First, cervical cancer in the United States has been at record lows for the past two decades. Currently only an estimated 3,600 women die of cervical cancer each year.<br />
<br />
The spectacular success in lowering the death rate from cervical cancer can be attributed to annual Pap screening – between 1955 and 1992 deaths from cervical cancer declined 74% and continue to decline annually by 4%.<br />
<br />
Part of the success of Pap screening lies in the fact that cervical cancer, unlike most other cancers, is very slow growing. With screening, there is ample opportunity to catch and successfully treat cervical cancer before it gets out of hand.<br />
<br />
It would be unlikely, then, for any further treatment to improve upon this already very low rate of cervical cancer death.<br />
<br />
Besides, 90% of the time people clear the virus naturally from their systems within a 2 year time fr<x>ame. It is estimated that virtually all women in the US experience a series of human papillomavirus infections throughout their lifetimes!<br />
<br />
Boosting your immune system against the dormant HPV virus is a great way to help your own body fight off the virus itself. Also, for many women, pre-cancerous abnormal cells on the cervix can and do go BACK to normal without intervention. (Sometimes they don't and they continue to become cancer...that's why PAP smears are a good thing.)<br />
<br />
Just as a side note: Despite the advertising which suggests that both mothers and daughters can empower themselves through Gardasil (the HPV vaccine) Merck's (the pharmaceutical company that developed Gardasil) own studies show that the vaccine is only effective for 5 years. So if your 11 year-old daughter gets the Gardasil vaccine, it will have stopped working by the time she is 16. However, since Merck doesn’t give out this information voluntarily, these girls and their mothers will be in the dark!<br />
<br />
(This has been a public service announcement by me.)<br />
<br />
Also references for what I said above can be found here:<br />
<br />
Tomljenovic L and Shaw CA, Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccine Policy and Evidence-ba<x>sed Medicine: Are They at Odds? Annals of Medicine December 22<br />
<br />
(Google the title of the study "Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccine Policy and Evidence-ba<x>sed Medicine: Are They at Odds?" along with "Annals of Medicine" to get the text of the actual study etc.)

I agree, do you ever get worried from the pre cancerous cells turning into cancer? I have the high risk hpv to and with the precancerous cells...Ive had one colposcopy and now had to schedule my second one on my birthday this month actually :( I am trying to figure out how to stay positive and keep my head up but its been difficult..i just signed up on here today because I wanted people to talk to about this because, my family are the only people that know about this...I hate that one mistake I made with the wrong person made me live with this forever when I have no even slept with many people