Dating With Hpv

Ive had hpv since I lost my virginity when I was 17, now I'm 34 just got divorced and am an eligible bachelor  back in the dating pool. It's always hard to know when and how to bring this up to your new someone special. I've only had one small bump twice in those seventeen years, but still think telling my new love is necessary. I want relationships based on trust. Good luck to all of you going through it. If your a lady in the same boat trying to date in San Diego area email me kingdomwithinu at gmail. We are all still good people with a lot to offer.
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2 Responses Sep 7, 2012

Hi there, I hope you have found someone special but would you be able to tell me if the partner got warts after? Do you think your body cleared the virus?

hello wish you luck dont no how you could do it cause i dont hardly dare never new this would happen to me and sad thing its going to take me to live single all my life and i am only 34 may you find love and always keep the truth cause once you marry she will have to deel with this sad disease God bless you