I Can't Sleep

I was recently diagnosed with HPV and just got my first colposcopy today. I can't seem to wrap my mind around it and I can't seem to sleep right now. I made a lot of poor decisions 18-21. Then turned my life around (even abstained from sex for two years after that). Met a man whom I love very much and now we have to deal with this. Just writing this makes me sad but I shouldn't suppress how I feel. My doctor told me that I had a "slight and mild" case. But the guilt and self-loathing overwhelmed me a bit. I'm still waiting for my biopsy results. Probably, why I can't sleep.
On the upside, I'm much more aware of my health and learning to take care of my body. My boyfriend is very caring and has somehow found a way to cherish me more; even though he was really angry at first. I'm really writing this for myself and learned a lot about this virus. I'm thankful I'm not alone. At the same time sad anyone has to go through something like this.
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I have recently been diagnosed with hpv through my smear test. I have colposcopy on Monday. Iv told my boyfriend I have abnormal smear test but not about the hpv! I'm so scared he will leave me :(

I have a mild case also..but its hard to tell a guy specially if they don't understand. My question is has anyone tryed the over the counter creams or gells? Dermisil, Condysil gel or wartrol?? I hate getting the chemical burns and though I could go a while without having to pay so much at the gyno. But I'm having symptoms now :( please help!

I'm happy that you've a support system now with your loyal boyfriend.<br />
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Unfortunately, HPV may be persistent in some patients. Certain strains're oncogenic - in other words, they may lead to cervical cancer development.<br />
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Do take care of your health & avoid unprotected sexual activities. It's important to get the lesion monitored regularly.<br />
If you've cleared the virus, do consider going for the HPV vaccination to prevent future cases of re-infections.

Unfortunately, you can't 'clear' or 'cure' HPV. You can only be in remission (which is where I am usually). The HPV vaccination is still a good idea because it blocks you from getting the 3 other major types of HPV (it doesn't block you from all types unfortunately).