My Down Fall

My ex girlfriend gave me hpv she didn't tell me about it till after we had sex a couple of times.I grew to livewith it vaz I planned on being with her for ever but after nine months and me giving up my apartment to move in with her she kicked me out the worst thing is is that she does this to lost of guys and now I feel like nobody's gonna love me I'm 21 I work out have a job and good looking but now that I have this I feel died inside no family to talk to about it so it really sucks
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That is such a horrible thing to do! I never knew that genital warts/hpv was a lifelong virus until a few days ago when i was diagnosed. Please get in touch it would be great to speak to someone in the same boat!

Don't get down bud. I have it too and I thought the same thing. But Ive met so many amazing people who havent cared that I have it. It really helps you to see who really cares about you and who just cares about sex.

I am so sorry that happened to you! (I know a bit forward, but I know, that’s if I ever come out and told anyone about it, having hpv, that’s what I would like to hear) If I saw you I would (((Big hug))) you! That’s the best way to put it too, it does suck, I so agree!
I am a woman who did the same thing to the man I am married to now and have been with for 10 years this past month (I didn't know I had it though at that time) he found it when we were first dating and then I was checked out, I was so upset, freaked me out, and made me cry a lot, I still have trouble with it. I felt so bad especially about giving it to him. I went as far as to let the last 2 guys I had been with (even before I met my husband know I had it and if they got it I was sorry) I was so fortunate, none of them even cared. Worst part was I always practiced safe sex, but hpv gets by condoms.
I was very blessed, I knew the minute I met my husband I would spend my life with him, and as he fell in love with me too it worked out just as it was suppose to for us and it will for you too, as long as you know how so worth it you are for it to!
My husband has never held the hpv against me.
Then I had a female friend of mines daughter who got it from an exboyfriend (we were helping her move out of his house and she told us), who was like your girlfriend, he knew he had hpv and didn't care who he gave it to (she left him for cheating on her, found recordings he filmed of him having sex with other girls while they were together). I promise you people like that will get theirs, it will come back on them, doing that to other people and not caring, just don't you become one as well, people like that will never be happy.
Know in your heart that you are a better person then that and always be one! I personally like being able to live with myself and living with peace of mind of doing right by people, even with hpv.
A year ago I was looking for a support group myself for this very same reason and found EP here ( started my account, I read some of it at that time, clicked to join this group and didn't look at it again until just a couple months ago) Its hit me pretty hard too, even now years later. I still deal with it myself even though I am better about it then I had been. This is part of my therapy to get past it ;)
Like strawberryt mentioned about a support group, but I don't trust that yet. I grew up in my area, know a lot of people, I am just not at a point to be comfortable with being able to talk face to face with others about it. I didn't come out and tell my family about it either; I just don't feel it’s necessary. I know I am not alone now thanks to this but please know you are awesome! You will meet the love of your life; just know she will have to accept you for all of who you are! I would change up the way you date maybe because now, if you choose to be better than that You will want to really get to know better anyone your going to sleep with and tell them about it before you do, who knows, the one your meant to spend your life with may surprise you and say they have it too, or I think if its who your meant to be with, they will accept it and love you, be just that devoted to you. I would imagine.
You have this; it doesn't have you, unless you let it.