Hpv, Depression May Lead To Suicide.

When I found out I had hpv it tore my heart apart I burst into tears. My friend got me really drunk and let 4 guys take advantage of me as I was blacked out. Turns out one of them had hpv. And what hurts me the most is they took my virginity.. and now I have to live with this virus. Its keeping me fron being in relationships because I am too afraid and embarrassed to reveal that part of me to ANYONE! No one knows I have it.. but its really messing with me. I wanted to commit suicide just because of my fear of having to face the fact that I have hpv. Like what if I never have kids or get married? I wanna be loved, and what if I never find someone who will see past this virus and love ke for me? I'm terrified of living a lonely life.
mentallystrange mentallystrange
18-21, F
Dec 7, 2012