Recently Found Out That I Have Hpv

A week ago I received a call from my docotor that my PAP was adnormal and I have HPV. I was so angry, because I was vaccinated in 2011 and couldnt understand why I have this virus. I have done some research and seen where several over woman all have had normal pap and hpv free before the vacciation, until they received "a call" they have hpv. I have been with my boyfriend for three years and like all if us we have made mistakes in the pass. I love him and never want to harm him with this virus eventhose he probably already has it. I'm afraid cause we wanted to try to have a baby next year, and plus I haven't had my colpospoy yet, I want have it until next month, which I cant understand why so late. I dont know what strain I have, and plus I have a werid something on my breast that looks like a wart but i dont know if it is or not. I am freaky not, can someone please talk with me about this please. Thanks
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There are alot of horror stories on the web about HPV making you infertile or giving you cancer but both of these are actually very rare. My OBGYN told me I had HPV eleven years ago and after five colpos and a leep biopsy it has disappeared. Yes, I still carry it but I have had no abnormal paps since then, no visable sign of warts and can still have children. Just listen to your doctor and stay away from people who talk too much!

Thanks for the response, this made me feel more encouraged. I will go for my exam(colpo) Monday and I am a little nervous about it, but if there is anything else you know that I can do to help my immune system get rid of this please share. Thanks