Hpv- A Double Standard

So men are typically more promiscuous than women. Men are more likely to contract and spread all HPV strains and the responsibility and blame seems to land on women's shoulders. GRRRRRR!!!!!

Women are the only ones who can test reliably.
Women are held accountable to share their HPV+ status. Even if it has gone dormant.
Women are told to get the Gardasil immunization.
Women are told to avoid the minefield- with HPV that means don't have intercourse or oral sex w/ anyone, don't use anyone's towels, don't "french kiss", etc, etc.

And all the mother-f#$%ing men can go on about their lives and not worry about a damn thing, right? In fact, all they have to do despite the fact that they are carriers is stay away from women who know they have it. F- all you male hypocrites.

...this is what's on my mind...

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1 Response Jan 7, 2013

yes that is why the use of a rubber is so inportant to prevent infection and some of the new ones you donot want they even have a MERCA VD now that is 90+ percent death