The Silent Disease

I was diagnosed with HPV in July 2008. I was very shocked when I found out because I wasn't sexually active. I had to get a biopsy and it came back that I only had mild dysplasia. My old doctor (a male) told me to come back in a year.  I told him I had pains but he ignored me. I wasn't pleased so I went to another doctor for a second opinion. I made a good decision because I had an ultrasound done and it came back that I had a cyst on my ovary.  Soon I will go through the LEEP procedure and get my tubes tied.

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Hey- I totally understand how you feel. I went through a similar experience.

I wrote a book about how to deal with HPV. I'd be happy to send you a copy of my ebook, it's helped hundred of people already move on with their lives. My website is - and the book is available by donation- though I'm happy to send you a copy if you are unable to make a donation.

I was recently diagnosed HPV (+) I felt like the weight of the world was on my shoulders. How did it happen? With who? Did I give it to anyone? How was I going to live the rest of my life. If there is no test for men do I just assume I'm giving it to the one I date or marry? Does he already have it and doesn't know it?

Then I realized all those diagnosed HPV(-) can have it too...except they may be in remission. So the only difference between HPV(-) and HPV(+) is that the HPV(-) are blissfully ignorant.

All HPV needs is skin contact so if there is blood contact then it spreads even faster. How anyone can get it: sharing razors, getting bikini waxes (they always double dip don't they?)
Then there is oral sex and regular intercourse with or without condoms (you can get either way). I'm a woman so even if I ask if my sexual partner tested negative for STDs he doesn't know: there's no test for men (yet). Also, when there is a test it will be inconclusive like the women's: remember HPV(-) doesn't mean the person doesn't have it/ it could be in remission. Yep, HPV can be spread when it is in remission.

It also can't be blamed on promiscuity either. You can get HPV the first time you have sex.

So here I am afraid of what other people are going to think. How I am going to share the news w/ someone I love. Why? There is nothing I could have done to prevent HPV that I didn't do. At last count 80% of the population has it- the other 20% probably doesn't know it yet (or isn't old enough). So let's stop blaming ourselves for starters. Get Gardasil or other vaccine if you can (It's advised for those up to 26 yrs of age) and protect against 90% of the virus strains.

what were the pains like because i have mild dysplasia.. which is hpv and i have been like having pains as well, as if stretching and discharge was coming out of me badly, but it had stopped and my doctor just told me to take tylenol and my specialist told me to do that as well.