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Hey all,

So last week I got diagnosed with warts. To say I was surprised is an understatement. I have never been one to be promiscuous and in the last 5 years have slept with two people both long term partners one which ended in April. Before that there was one mistake about 7 years ago and my first ever boyfriend.

I am having a very hard time dealing with this diagnosis. After speaking with a specialist I have figured out that I would be one in 400 who would get his disease, why I ask couldn't I e the other 399 which mostly have the disease but will need know!

I feel tainted, lonely, angry, filthy and like I won't have any semblance of a good future. My future as I can see it is one of a fear of outbreaks, of a fear of meeting anybody and a fear of being lonely.

I understand I can get rid of the warts but its not the physical side that hurts its the pychological side. I know thy say most people cure it within 2 yeArs but that isn't fact! Why can't they do research to see f you can actually 100% be cleared. It seems to me like there isn't much research done into low risk because it Isn't cancer causing yet I believe the stress it causes would be linked to cancer down the road! I've quit smoking started eating more fruit and veg and started taking multi vitamins but I dot know why I need to bother when I don't think I will ever find a man with this condition even if I have been outbreak free etc. I know this sounds selfish but what bothers me also is that the person I believe I caught it from (last boyf, who had a lot of orevious partners) has apparently never showed signs of it so gets away Scott free.

Can anyone please let me know if these feelings are irrational and when they should go away?
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I Have Hpv

This can be cured! It is a vitamin C deficiency Drink a tall glass of OJ twice a day, for three weeks, then at least 8 ounces 4 times a week all the time. Do not take vitam8ns as they do not have the same power as OJ! And they do not absorb in your body like REAL OJ! You will see the warts draining fall off! Take got water baths everyday, use no soap,(as it irritates the open wound, and the wets in general). Or you can do a Seitz bath everyday. For the open sores use Cortisone and apply with a cotton ball. Do not touch the opening with your bear hands as it spreads the virus.! Get your sleep on, take natural sleeping pills, make sure they are not habit forming,(addictive), this will help you to heal as your body cannot repair itself, unless you experience deep sleep! I hope this helps! God Bless You All

BTW, HPV, is known to be transferred by sex, but NOT all HPV is transferable and the disease, or should I say vitamin deficiency is transferable, so ask your doctor about what type of HPV you have.

I am a man and have had the warts for 4 yrs.have tryed to get ride of then many times and they have always come back so have had then on me visibly for 4 straight yrs. I was married to a woman who cheeted on me and I got burned. And she has never had an out break of the hoc warts or even knew that she had them. So I deff. Feel you on the anger you have twords that person. All the ways u feel I feel constantly. Try to stay strong and never give up trying to find a way to beat it because I still have hope I can beat it and finally have a relationship again ... Thanks for sharing your story it makes me feel better to kno there is people like me.

How much did it cost you to have them removed

No, your feelings are not irrational. When I found out, I was surprised, hurt, scared, among MANY other things.
Please don't feel so down. My doctor (and various credible sources on the internet) said that it is the most common STD, and 80% of people who are sexually active will get it in their lifetime. So you are NOT alone. Many people have HPV and don't even realize it.
I know you're sad and you're upset, but until your doctor tells you that you need to be concerned, don't be. Warts are entirely treatable and are not a death sentence. When you meet the man you're supposed to be with, he will understand.
I know it's easy for an outsider to say things will be okay and you'll meet that special someone, but you've just got to believe it's true and live your life confident in who you are as a person and good things will follow.
Sending love and strength your way, it will get better.

HI uutttsii,
Thank you for you reply. It means a lot. Whilst I know now that HPV is so common ( I had barely heard about it before) I also know that hardly anyone knows how common it is and at the end of the day it is an STI no less so will obviously scare some people. I understand most people get it but only a very small percentage get the physical symptoms. How I wish I was one of them, to be able to live in sweet denial. If I was not aware of HPV and a prospective partner told me he had what I had I would be little freaked to be honest. I know that is maybe hypocritical of me but I think we all know deep down that you could sort of understand why one would hit the road.

I've spent the last few days doing as much research as I could and have sent emails to many people and organisations with a list of questions. Some have responded some have not. For now I will show a summary of what I found out.

1. On testing of low risk HPV
- There is a low risk test called Diagene Probe A. Not commonly used but is out there.
-A low-risk HPV DNA test does exist but there are no clinical indications nor recommendations for its use.
- There is no test as what is the point of testing when most people would be positive.
2. On the likelihood of clearing the virus.
- If you do not smoke, have ADS/HIV or transplanted organs your body has an excellent chance of clearing the HPV. Whilst this cant be 100% confirmed that this happens it is a very high likelihood that the virus clears and remains gone.
- In 90% of cases, the body naturally clears an HPV infection within two years. This means that a person is no longer infected with HPV. If you were to test negative for low-risk HPV and later had another episode of genital warts, this would be caused by a new infection. It would not be from your original infection since your body had already cleared that infection naturally.

3. On the rates of recurrence
- It is hard to distinguish between reoccurrence and reinfection. Reoccurrence can happen under extreme stress or hospitalisation but women do not usually have reoccurrence's.
-The idea of “re-occurring” outbreaks, is an old one. Now it is thought that rather than re-occurring outbreaks, most people experience re-infection. (The only time this is different is if the individual is living with a compromised immune system in which case re-occurrence is more likely). Often people who have one occasion of genital warts, never have another one.
- Another source quotes that they generally re-occur after 3 months.

4. On what the likelihood is of getting rid of warts for several years and then them coming back in pregnancy
- Less than10%.
6. On telling partners current and subsequent about infection
- Persons with genital warts should inform current sex partner(s) because the warts can be transmitted to other partners. In addition, they should refrain from sexual activity until the warts are gone or removed. It is not known how long a person remains contagious after warts are treated. It is also unclear whether informing subsequent sex partners about a past diagnosis of genital warts is beneficial to the health of those partners.
-until we have a test for men, it is not morally imperative that you tell anyone you have had HPV. that is a silly idea - like telling men that you menstruate.... totally uninformative and just puts you in a powerless position...
- If you are close enough to get intimate with someone you should be close enough to tell them something like that.

I will update once I have more info but please let me know your thoughts on the above.