Living With Hpv

I have genital warts, I contacted this STD 30 years ago, and it revealed itself to me 2 years ago.  The doctor said it was due to a virus and extreme stress can bring warts breakouts in the vaginal area.  Can you imagine how degrading this was for me in the eyes of my husband.  So far my husband does not have genital warts, but the doctor said the virus can spread.  So he suggested that from now on me and my husband must have sex using a condom, and oral sex is out of the love making arena.  Healing genital warts. HPV cannot be cured, but the warts that develop as a result of infection with the virus can be frozen with cryosurgery so that they dry up or dissolve or can be cauterized (burned away) with electricity or a laser.  Small warts may be treated topically with a prescription ointment containing podophyllin (Podocon-25).  Even after treatment, however they may recur.  I used the ointment and eventually had to have the wart sugically burned away with a laser.  Human papillomavirus(HPV), when it comes to dangerous STDs, HPV, also known as genital warts, is one of the most serious (except for HIV/AIDS).  Let me know of your experience with this type of disease.  How did it affect you emotionally?

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I have HPV I found out about 9 months ago. I had the warts (very small ones) but they went away on there own. I was wondering if I can still recieve oral sex or if it's out of the question?

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I have dealt with this for years it has been a real nightmare. I am so sad that I will die alone and will never be married. I do have 4 kids and was with someone for 16 years but now I am all alone and sometimes just cry because I feel so sad over this issue . It is the most embarrassing thing in the world. I just don't understand why me

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4. ALS

Im 28 and found out i had hpv when i was 24. I had been in an on and off again relationship for over 5 years. I asked him had he cheated he said no but during one of our off periods before i found out he had been with someone. He never showed any symptoms and to this day he doesnt . A couple months after i found out i found out i was pregnant and had a healthy baby. We havent been together for over 3 years and i havent been with anyone else during this time and i find out 7 months ago that i have warts now. I am so ashamed of myself, im depressed and can do nothing but think about this every day. It was like knowing i had hpv was bad but something that i could deal with but the fact i have warts i feel my life is over. When i first found out about the warts i was dating someone for a few months and felt the need to let him know right away and he treated me like crap. That experience alone makes me not even want to ever try and be with someone in fear of having that same reaction. That for real almost broke me and had felt suicidal. Who is ever gonna love and wanna be with me like this?

Introduce a good place __ _ to meet someone in the same situation for support, friendship, date and love.

I'm 19 andI have them , it hurts because I had gotten the vaccine &; still ended up getting them . It's embarrassing. I can't believe this . I've been with my boyfriend for 3 years now. & In just speechless .

I had the vaccine and only found out yesterday I had it.. I feel like crying I don't know what to do with life so I'm the same boat as you

I am 24, married, and have a 2 year old son. I was first diagnosed with HPV at the ripe age of 14 by the time my doctor caught it had turned into stage 1 cervical cancer. The doctor cut all the cancer on my cervix and i went through many blood and pap tests after all which came out normal. About three days ago i noticed a pain on my vulva hood after looking at it i called my doctor and sure enough after being dormant for 10 years it's back. Though now they have different treatments for the outbreaks they didn't have the first time. I was so scared to tell my husband. Thankfully he is my best friend too he even tried to take me shopping. I will find out December 19, 2014 how far it has gone now. I am very scared for those results. I wish everyone good luck in their fight with HPV!

I was diagnosed in 2001 with the virus. I've only had one breakout ever. I did have a biopsy done and since have had no physical evidence of the virus. I just told a guy I've been dating about because I do care about him and want this to be his choice of taking a risk of getting it and not be forced with it. It's really hard to date. I've even tried finding someone that already has the virus just to make it easier but people are not very open about it.
My ex and I were together for eight years not one did he ever get a breakout. So I'm kind of confused how he never got it and my pap test so come back abnormal?
Is this deadly? How can I help the guy I'm dating not get it?

I feel like I bad because im pregnant and feel like I worthless

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I've been dying to share my experience with HPV, as I have seen so many blogs with women who are concerned with this virus.
I guess it was when I was about 25 (i'm now 30) that I got my first wart. It was kind of big, and it was located kind of far from my genitals, on by butt. I first showed it to my dermatologist. She said it was a "regular" wart, and not an STD, and she cut it off back then. A couple of years ago, it returned. I went to a gynocologist, and her diagnosis was the same: "regular" wart, not STD. She said she would just leave it because it would just come back if she took it off. All these years I have had pap tests every 6 months, and nothing irregular was detected. It wasn't until I started dating my current boyfriend and the most understanding man I have met. He got warts after we had unprotected sex. I was hating all the doctors that told me it was a "regular" wart. If I had at least known, I would have used protection. Anyway, I went to a couple other gynocologists, just to get the same stupid answer I had gotten before. Pap tests were fine. But he went to a dermatologist, and without a doubt was diagnosed with the virus. I ended up going to the same doctor, and got the warts burnt off (by this time I had developed my warts). It took many sessions and many months. We are both clean now, but we know they can reappear at any time.
However, this just made me more concerned because I had some tests done that told me I had HPV 16, which is the kind that is mostly linked to cervix cancer. I looked for the best gynocologist who is also an oncologist. It is funny how with just the first Pap test with him, I got the results I was afraid of, I had abnormal cells, and high risk of getting cancer. He immediately ordered a conization, which is like a cone biopsy of the cervix that is intended to remove all the dangerous cells. That was about 2 months ago, and everything seems fine now, expect I know I still have the virus, and the doctor said, based on the biopsy of the cone, that it had spread some, so I have 40% chance of developing other precancerious cells. I hope that this doesn't happen, trying to be as healthy as I can. Also, I have to get regular pap tests every 6 months. For now I can't do anything, I feel blessed that everything happened on time and that I have some a loving and supporting partner.

I was diagnosed about two months ago with genital warts as well as an abnormal pap needing cryo. I've been given aldara as well as told to take Tagamet but it just keeps spreading. I am having such a hard time dealing with this and feel borderline suicidal. What hurts the most is that I am a single mother of a nine year old little girl, I feel like I failed her please someone tell me it gets better.

Hi im 21 i noticed i had warts a few years ago i havent talked to my dr im so scared that she will ask questions like how i got them . I was 16 and sexually assaulted byr a 36 year old man i dont want the police involved im so scared of this happening whay cai i do :(

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What's his email ?

hey did this really work or is this a myth I'm 21 and was diagnosed with the hpv virus. I can really use his help. can u please send me his information

I was diagnosed with Genital Warts in 2013. My boyfriend at the time had told me he experienced some discomfort in his penis and was getting checked out and suggested I do the same. I scheduled my appointment with Planned Parenthood. I went alone and was really scared. As soon as the Dr looked at me she said that I have Genital Warts and over 5. I started to burst out in tears, how could I have trusted so easily. I asked her questions on pregnancy, birthing of the baby and even if i am still able to conceive. I got all positive answers and was told to just be careful when choosing to have sex next time. She was very sweet and so was the rest of the staff. She took some cultures and came back with more unpleasant news. I also have Cervicitic-inflammation of the Cervix, and Bacterial Vaginosis.
So now at this point in my recovery i am on the medication prescribed and of course got dumped when I told him what i have. I understand he's scared of passing it to his family with a simple kiss but don't tell someone you are here for them and then leave.
I am now afraid to have children or even if i will ever be married.
I have told the last 3 people I have had sex with what i have and 2 so far have responded back with they are ok.
I do have the support of the people i have told and want to tell my family so my nieces and nephew can be aware of these things but don't want to be judged. How do you cope with this? It's day 4 of me knowing this and i still feel like less of a women.
To tell you a little about me, I am a successful women who had unprotected sex a few times and this is the result. NO ONE is safe from this virus. I have a great career and a great work place, a loving family, and wonderful friends. I have a huge heart that gets me into trouble more often then not, as in this case. And above all i have been through many emotional strife's as I'm sure a lot of people have. I could sit here and try to figure out who gave this to me and beat myself up all day about it but that won't help. I am going to stay healthy, positive and very aware of my own safety from now on.
I hope and pray that anyone who reads this is made a little more aware of how serious this is and takes precautions to not spreading this. Be careful with not only your body but your heart and soul too. If the person likes you enough they will be patient and wait until you are ready to tell them why you can't have sex just yet.
Be safe everyone and know there is a larger force that loves you no matter what.

Hi I was raped in the militery 33 years ago. My rapest gave me the gift of hpv. I hadent had a brake out untill 3 years after the date of the rape. I also had a lot of miscarriges in the mean time. But I married a great guy . 30 years ago . I took a early discharge long story. But my husband is hpv free. I had mine burned off 29 years ago.Never had a problem again but my pap test come back with a high squamus count. Also in 2011 I had a hystoretomy. Had a very big tumor in my cervix. But I have 3 healthy childrean that are all perfect and all born with out any problems.

How long after you were first diagnosed did you find the tumor?

As of 59/3013 I just found out that I have cervical cancer due to. Hpv. Im feel so lost and confused. I have an apportionment tomorrow to see how far the cancer had spread. I am mot too sure how long i have had HPV or where i have gotten it. I have had the same sexual partner for almost 2yrs. I really wish we all had a cure for the HPV virus. I have not told my family yet im 27yrs old i have 3 wonderful children. I am scared that they might lose mom. After tomorrow i will know more in-depth about it all. God bless everyone living with hpv.

I hightly recommend this community.

I got cheated on by my boyfriend with his ex-wife. I'm only 21 so just that occourance alone was hard enough to handle. I contracted hpv from the affair with his ex and my warts are getting worse and worse. I feel so grossed out by my body and I have extremely low self esteem because of it. I hate my body now and deep down I have an enormous amount of resentment towards him. The medicine I have to take is painful and makes me feel like my vagina has acid on it. If I ever fight this disease somehow i'm going to be extremely protective of my body until the day I die.

I'm going through the same thing, I was diagnosed 3mos ago and it just keeps spreading. I feel borderline suicidal and I have a beautiful little girl I feel like a failure. I pray there is some sort if ray of hope out there.

I am a 16 year old female. In May 2011 my boyfriend of two weeks raped me, i had refused to do anything sexual with him but after a night of him drinking he decided he was going to force me to anyway. For months after woulds i was in denial and told myself it was merely me overreacting and being sulky over nothing.

It wasn't until about 4 months ago i finally got the courage to have a Pap Smear, i told my doctor what had happened. I mentioned he had been with a lot of girls before me and he didn't use a condom when he raped me. She tested me for Chlamydia and did a swab of my cervix. Within the next week i got a call back from the doctors asking for an appointment as soon as possible. It turns out that there was small traces of Warts Virus in my cervix. I was so upset when i was told the only thing i could do was wait a year to have a re-test. My doctor told me not to worry because it MAY clear up. It was in no way comforting to me and didn't make me feel any better about the situation.

I still don't fully understand "what I've got," which probably doesn't help my view on it. I see it at the moment as a potential life ruiner. It makes me sad to think about it, every day it creeps into my mind. It's hard to know i have to wait for another nine months to have another test done.

on august 5 2012 i left for college. i was a virgin and a strong Christian. i am a man. i had a i girlfriend. i lost my mother at age nine and lived with my father everysince. but anyways i was happy at college for the first month or so. i am in the marching band and i take that very seriously. however i have always struggled with homosexuality. i ask that i not be judged on here for that please. a yeae ago this guy messaged me on faceboom. he immediately said he wamted to have sex with me. i blocked him but my inner desire caused me to start conversation with him. he has a beautiful baby boy and fiance so i figured he was clean but he is jamacian and 25. i figured conversation wouldnt hurt. he turned out to be weird saying thathe was google earthing my house and he knew where father worked. that scared me so i blocked him again however id always go back. as it turns out where i go to college at he lives. hed always pressure me out of my dorm and id say no.. well one night i said yes. at first we just sat in his car and talked.. then he took me to this dark park and cut the car off.. i just wanted to see and feel "it" in my hands so i pulled it out with no intention of intercourse. ofcourse he asked so i turned the light on in the car and discovered that he warts on his penis. we had kissed and was ready to go home amd wash my hands. however he rubbed his penis down and then rubbed my genitals.. we did not have intercourse. i was immediately broken. i went back to my dorm and showered and scrupped myself in lysol in deep panic... i hate myself because i never wanted to be gay.. i hate that side of me but i couldnt control it and number two my doctor offered me the vaccine but i refused it because was not nor planned on being sexually active till i married a WOMAN. now i fear that that man took away all mu hopes and dreams of marrying and having kids. its been three months.. i do experience itching on my hands and genitals... im frightened and i fear that my life is over.. what will my dad uncles and graddaddy of me. im on a full scholarship and i was the first grandchild to attend college. i have so many expectationd on myself and now i fear the worst. i truly love God and i know he has forgiven me but i cant forgive myself.. what woman will want to marry a man who maybe has hpv or warts and was gay? where do i pick my life nack up? im considering getting a degree in health education and starting a faith based ministry support group and prevention group for youth to help stop these horrible situations from happening to anyone else. i pray that God puts favor in my life to help me overccome hmosexuality and to cope with whatever the outcome is and also to start the ministry. however what do i do with the deoression.. i finisjhed this emester with a 3.25 gpa and made the deans list. but i cant enjoy it because im so bogged down..

I m married to the love of my life. My husband was raised christian. I was not, but am happy to say i m a Christian now. I love god and i love my husband. I m pretty sure he has warts or some type of std. This weekend while being intimate i found a cluster of brown spots on his penis... we go to the doctor friday for testing. If i he would have known before i would still love him and id marry him all over again.! Have faith that you will find love and marriage and a state of peace.

solution for genital warts condylomata acuminata hpv

I am male 43, I cured myself with Gardasil is a female vaccine against the virus HPV, human papilloma virus, which is what causes condyloma acuminata and some genital warts. When I got the vaccine had long since condyloma, but for me it worked, I removed the warts by burning them with electrocautery and then followed treatment with the vaccine that is a bit expensive, but they disappeared and did not recur.

regards from Spain

Gardasil is just a way to "prevent" the virus and even then it only prevents 90% of wart viruses. Which is good but I don't know if I would risk it especially if I already have it. I read that if you get the shot, it will prevent you from others strains of HPV and also that there have been some related fatal incidents occur after individuals got the shot. If you get it while you already are affected with the virus, it can combat it but so can your immune system. So it's better and safer just to take some natural immune boosters and live healthier. Just remember if you have it, it can spread even with protected sex. Don;t pass it on and always get check and check your partner. No matter how well you think that you may know them.

I also got the vaccine after being diagnosed, you don't risk anything, but you might help your body to fight it or at least prevent further contagion of other types.

I am a woman and have had HPV for over 10 years diagnosed 2001, the first person I ever had sex with gave them to me, it took me over a year to admit there was something wrong and to go get treated as I was terrified, I thought it was something else and at the time I thought the something else was more serious but HPV is serious. There is a small stubborn cluster near the outside of the labia that keeps returning and it has spread to other places before when I have been extremely run down. When I get it treated the physical symptoms the warts go away for a few months or years and I feel normal and have managed some relationships but then the minute something happens in life where I get stressed or do something stupid like smoke to cope with the stress it comes back...I try to keep healthy, fit, active and positive but I haven't had a sexual partner for more than 5 years because I have just given up... It is the most frustrating thing ever... I cannot learn how to be more intimate with someone because as soon as I meet them and they want sex I have to tell them and they usually run away. I have just been though another such episode but I hope one day I will meet someone who accepts this about me and will work thought it. I am now in my 30s and want to meet someone and have a family. At this stage all my friends know, accept and love me regardless this is the strength that keeps me going.

I am fairly positive I have hpv I began talking to an old friend of mine and we began to like each other, eventually we dated we decided to get sexually active; however after we had sex unprotected and oral she decides to tell me "by the way I have hpv so you should probably get tested now" she said she was sorry but that she hadn't been with anyone for a while and she just wanted to have sex, she knew that she had the virus which hurts me so bad I don't even know what to think, I mean she said she cared but would anybody who cared let them get a serious desiese? So now I am three or four weeks into this with no money to go see a doctor and the money I do make goes towards food, now I'm living with hpv with no way to get medicine or to get help, it's fairly recent and the only option I have is telling my parents and asking them for help but since I've lost my job they have already been helping me a lot and I don't want to be a burden to them, right now I hate my life and I've even fallen in love with y best friend sammy, there is no way in hell she would ever want to be with me now and all just because of a stupid mistake I made and an irresponsible girl not telling me just because she was embarrassed of it. Frankly I sometimes just want to grab a razor and end it all, I feel like I have nothing left in my life worth living for...but I know I have to keep fighting because I've always told myself that if I was going to die then I'm going to go out fighting. If anybody wishes to talk to me more about this id love to talk it out with some people who share my pain.

Hey man , kind of got sunk in the same boat with ya. I was dating a girl for about over a year, really cared about her had here move in with me to get her out of a shity situation with her dad. Things went well for the first year didn't have any problems then I started realizing I have warts growing next to my little buddy. And from one guy to another believe you me man I've never been so pissed of in my entire life. I thought it might be pimples but after going to the doctor a bit later I found that I had contracted genital warts. This was after throwing the broad to the curb and almost blowing the guys head off who she had been cheating on me with who she brought to my house to get her ****. But that's a whole other story. I went to a few free clinics and found a couple that burned them off with an acid treatment that Hirt like hell. That was about four years ago. Haven't had an outbreak since. Tonight is the first time I've ever really looked at one of the sites and I've been to a few of them. And your story caught my eye. Reminds me of how I felt. Lost , alone, can't talk to friends from fear of ridicule or judgement . I did my fair share of things to try and mask the problem out of my head and just try and forget about it for mabe just a little while but I never can. I still think about it every day. I had one girl I was with for a short bit who I did do the right thing and told her about it before I even thought of fooling around or even kissing her. She said she understood but it didn't last because I let it eat me up too much inside. You can't do that to yourself. I have to still work on sorting my issues and problems out from getting it, but I'm trying. It's not easy. My dad gives me **** for not having a girlfriend, but I just don't feel like being that guy to just be spreading it around to everyone. Besides I couldn't tell the guy if I wanted to. He'd never understand. My advice is go to a free clinic and get checked out. Didn't coast me A dime. Nor did the removels if that ever comes up. It's gonna be a ****** road man, but you gotta keep your head up and have a positive attitude. It's not your fault, not was it mine. But life's to short to end it overe some stupid ****. It will get better man. Just don't go trying to mask the situation with other options because it doesn't help, trust me on that. If u have any other questions feel free to ask. I could sure use someone to talk about it with myself.

I just found out last month that I have hpv and that the bumps I was seeing on my inner thigh was warts I felt like my whole world was crashing down on me my doctor said I have to come back when I'm 21 to check for cancer and that my body most likly will fight hpv off I was so scared I start to research I read your stories I even start having nightmares its been a month now and I realized not to panic so much there is hope and if the worse happen it was meant God will b there just don't be afraid but its a little hard when other things are going bad to

I just turned 21 2 months ago and went to the doctors for one of my yearly check-ups about a month after my birthday and I found out 3 weeks ago that I am positive for HPV. Needless to say I'm devastated and completely ashamed of myself. I understand that it is very common to get but it is just hard to grasp that I ended up catching it. But what else should I expect, I was the one that decided to have sex with out protection. I am trying to do everything I can to stay positive and try to prevent my virus to spread to cancer or warts. I am trying to accept that HPV isn't curable it just ends up breaking my heart the more I think about it. Maybe because it's so fresh in my life that I can't come to terms with it. I want to accept it, I do. I mean there is nothing else I really can do. It's just hard to right now. Especially since I'm not married and I have no children. And well, I'm a woman what do women want most in their life? They want to grow up and find their soulmate and have children with them. But who wants to marry someone that has a sexually transmitted disease? At this point in life I would have much rather been pregnant by someone that I wasn't married to than having to tell my family that I'm positive for HPV. I never thought in a million years that I could honestly disappoint my parents as much as I am now. It's hard to take in, it really is. I just wish there was something we could do to cure us. I watched a video online that said Green Tea (ECGC) and vitamins A & C help a lot. If there is anything you guys know that can help me out please let me know. I would really appreciate that. I hope one day studies find something that will cure this. No one should have to live with the mistakes they made for the rest of their lives. I think after hearing "You were positive for HPV" is enough to change a persons life. I know it did for me at least. Right then and there I told myself that my life is changing for the better. That the life I was living was the wrong one and that I need to better anything and everything in my life. I guess the only thing I can truly do is try to stay positive and keep my head up. Reading everyone else's stories help out a lot as well. Glad to know that I'm not the only one that feels this way.

You will be ok. I was diagnosed in 2013 and have been dealing with it for 4 days now, on medication and all. I got dumped of course but i do have a strong support system. You will make it through this and you will find your soul mate. Green Teas, Vitamins and eating healthy are a great way to prevent it from coming back. As well as meditation to calm your mind, trying to keep as much stress out of your life as possible. Stay positive you can make it through this. Just Keep Swimming!!!

Thank you for posting this. I just found out today that I tested positive for HPV. And after reading this post, this is exactly how I feel. I'm only 22 years old. Single and just starting my life. I don't know what to do anymore. My life feels completely different now.

I'm 6 months pregnant and at my drs check up I found out I have hpv. I feel defective, like I'm no good anymore. Does this mean I'm never to have sex again? I can't even look at myself in the mirror without crying. I try not to thing of the fact that I could've gotten a vaccine e to protect myself.. that's the hardest part for me to accept. I'm thankful I have low-risk hpv that wont harm my baby. I feel like I have to live with this shame almost like a punishment for having unprotected sex..

I am 3 months pregnant and I just found out about four days ago that I have hpv. I thought I just had a skin allergy or something, but my doctor said I had genital warts. The first thing I did was cry. She seemed so cold hearted about it, and showed no compassion whatsoever. I got 2 gardasil shots about six months ago, but I missed the third one. I feel so gross and so ashamed. I have only had a small number of partners, and I've been with the same man for a year. It is so hard for me. He hasn't shown any signs of warts but considering we have been together this long, I'm sure he has hpv. Mine are painful, and make it difficult for me to go to the bathroom. My doctor refuses to treat me until I have had the baby. Which I hope I can have a natural delivery, but I'm scared I will pass the disease to my child. I have been trying to eat alot of fruits and veggies to try and keep my immune system up. I heard there is a possibility they could go away on their own, or my body could fight off the hpv virus within a couple years. I have just been praying everyday about it. This is really an eye opener for me, I regret EVER having unprotected sex. I always was STD tested, but there is no way to test for hpv. Just have to watch for symptoms. This is such an emotional time for me right now. I'm just glad there are people out there who understand...

iam 19 i found out i had hpv a month before my birthday and i have pre cancers cells iam scared and alone someone plese help will i ever get better

I was 14 when i found out i had hpv and it turned into stage 1 cancer on my cervix. The doctors were able to get rid of the cancer and i just got my first outbreak since the cancer 10 years ago.

I am sorry to hear about your diagnosis. However, I feel like I should point out that all HPV is not equal when it comes to danger. There are over 200 different strains of HPV (same virus, but tiny adjustments in its RNA here and there). Some of these adjustments leads the HPV to become very dangerous, and cause cancer. Other forms will cause Gential Warts. If you have Genital Warts, you have the low-risk HPV and it will not lead to cancer. *Disclaimer, you might have been infected with multiple strains. I'm not sure if a PAP smear differentiates between the two or not.

I have warts on the outside of my vagina, and I looked at pictures of HPV 6/11 and its identical. I am trying to come to terms with the fact that I have contracted a disease. I have to wait until Tuesday when my Docs office opens to find out for sure. I am so scared and I feel alone and I have no idea to tell my ex boyfriend. We broke up on Friday so this should be really interesting...

Sooo..I've been dealing with HPV for about 7 or 8 months now. For the past 4 months ive gone to my doctor and she tried 2 different types of treatments, the liquid nitrogen treatment and also condyline. The liquid nitrogen made the warts worse they started out as about 4 or 5 just on the ridge of my vaginal opening after the liquid nitrogen was applied all of the warts formed together and swelled making the embarrassment and pain 2 times worse. Next i tried the condyline really hurt i was under the impression that the pain meant the treatment was working but after about a month i just gave up because the discomfort was unbearable. About a week ago i decided to take thing s into my own hands and look for treatments online..from what i read duct tape and garlic seemed to work for a lot of people so i decided why the hell not the worst thing that could happen is the warts just don't go away. I taped my warts down for about a week and i could see the difference the had decreased in size drastically after the 1st 2 days but the ba<x>se of my wart was to big and just didn't seem to be going away. I've been using garlic for about 2days AND I'VE NEVER BEEN HAPPIER! i cut the garlic open and just placed it on the wart. Although it hurt i have to say its working. My wart is about 90% gone now and i'm praying that by the end of the week it's going to be 100% clear. This has been hands down the most embarrassing issue I've ever had to deal with but i'm coming to terms with the fact that i didn't practice safe sex and there is nothing i can do but try and get my life back together. I really hoped i could help those of you that dr treatments just aren't working for. i may be stuck with HPV for the rest of my life but i refuse to let it RUN my life. Please all of you be strong cause there have been time throughout this process where i gave up all hope. & don't try and deal with this all alone. Me my mom and my doctor and boyfriend are the only ones who know but they've been there for me making this alot easier to deal with. Good luck to all of you

I have the hpv form called dyslpasia. I was only recently diagnosed.. I thought my life was over...I searched the Internet and thought the worst. But I talked to my doctor and he has put me at ease. He explained everything in detail. Granted I may have to have more treatments. But it is soooo important to catch it early and have your routine exams, always! I just had the cryotherapy done. No pain whatsoever during. I did have some cramps after for like a few minutes. Good luck everyone!

im only 16 & i feel like my life is over... i've only slept with 1 person & you cant count it as "making love" if it wasnt consenual. My confidence is pretty much gone and i dont know what to do. I've pretty much tossed my romantic life in the garbage,

thehood44, I've been dealing with this for the past 3 months and would be more than willing to talk about it/help you through it

wow i just found out i have genital warts i would love to hear about people experience.. its just shocking me more an more ..been really depressed espeacially at nights

you can use Saran Wrap as a dental dam also, cheap and easy to come by,seems kind of silly,but it works really well!, you can be creative and make Saran Wrap panties too!

My experience may be helpful to you. I was HPV positive in 1997 when I came to the US. In 2003 I was found to be in CIN I stage. Afterwards, I began to have a lifestyle change by eating a lot of vegetables especially raw tomato, carrots, green pepper, cucumber juice, i drank a big bowl of vegetable juice every day. Three months later, the PAP test result came out, not only no more CIN I, the HPV result turned negative! My doctor was amazed, thinking there must be an error, gave me another test, the result was the same. My HPV test results have been negative every single time since then. Now I eat at least 2 raw carrots a day to keep myself safe. I am a Chinese, I am in China now to promote my lifestyle change story to help more HPV affected people. God bless you.


Your husband probably gave it to you fairly recently. Don't be so naive.

Thank you so much for agreeing with me. Yes I only had one sex partner, my husband of 34 years. I contacted this disease by the only other sex partner besides my husband, when me and my husband separated. Try not to worry but sometimes I think I may be having another outbreak, I should go to the doctor, which will probably eliminate my worries. My husband is very reluctant on having sex with me now, because he don't want the disease. We don't have sex much, he says he miss not being able to have oral sex. But like you said, don't cry over spilled milk. This disease stays in dormant and a person may not know they contacted this diisease. You were right as I was browsing, I noticed a lot of people have HPV. Would'nt you think there should be a cure by now...Anyway, thank you for your concerned comment. I appreciate it, and it did ease my thoughts.....

I know it's a scary time based on my own personal experience, to find out you've contracted an uncurable STD. Don't worry yourself sick, just take the necessary precautions (rountine pap smears-since some viral strains that cause HPV may increase a woman's chances of getting cervical cancer). Do your research, because it's amazing how ignorant many are about STDs. Know that you are not alone and sooooo many folks have this. It's interesting when you say you contracted this 30 years ago because often times we don't know when or from whom we've contracted an STD particularly the viral ones, so I'd talk to my doctor about that. Unless, however, you've had only one partner in your lifetime. Anyway, I wish you the best. It's not the end of the world, but do get routine pap smears.