Still Numb But Looking For Help!

After 26 years of marriage, my wife informed me she was leaving and needed me to know that she had found someone who "better supported her lifestyle!" Little did I know that her newly found "lifestyle" meant being sexually involved with another partner.  Our divorce was final about 10 months ago and I have been diagnosed with anal worts associated with HPV.  I have only EVER had one sexual partner, that being my wife of 26 years and I have never participated in anal sex.  Yet, upon examination, my physician confirmed anal warts.  With the feelings of depression still current because of the divorce, I am now facing a sexually transmitted disease that I did nothing outside of my marriage to contract. I am having "acid" treatments to the 10 or so pin head size warts detected by my physician.  I can't believe this has happened to me and would like to know if others have had success in any one or several treatments of the virus.  I am desperate to feel "clean" again.  I've developed a voracious itching to my skin that causes me to itch so violently that I often itch my skin off and bleed.  Is this a common occurance with HPV?  I've read over the past few months, all that I can get my hands on pertaining to HPV treatment, symptoms and found very few people who have experienced the itching that I have.  I would really like to get a handle on this but I'm uncomfortable talking to my doctor as I am to anyone else about this. I hope someone out there can talk to me about their experiences.

NaturalCure NaturalCure
46-50, M
Feb 22, 2010