Curing Hpv

just wanted to share that there are natural ways to cure hpv.

6 months ago my pap was high grade, i've had bad paps for the past 2 years. i decided to take control into my own hands and not go through any more medical procedures like colposcopy or leep. i ate really healthy for the 6 months, a lot of raw veg and brown rice along with taking vitamins -   folic acid, Cell Forte with Ip6 & Inositol, and Bio-response Dim. to my relief, my last pap has come out normal thanks to eating healthy and taking care of myself.

i hope this helps other women in same situation who prefer to heal naturally than go through aggressive medical procedures. 


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5 Responses Apr 18, 2010

Did you have a leep surgery after your last bad pap??? If so, that' s why your next pap was normal, because the leep removed the damage... not because of your nutrition and vitamins... high grade damages are not cured so easily only with good nutrition and vitamins, you need to have a surgery in order to safely remove the damage...

Sorry, you are not cured you are in remission. The warts may go away but HPV is still there (until a cure is found).

Great advice!! True too!

Did you take the dosage recoommended on the box for cell Forte or higher?

What if you are take molty vitamins but you are animic, (low iron in body)? Would it still work?