Broken Bra

Well one day I was just sitting at my desk and all of the sudden POP! My bra broke right in between the cup! I was like shocked. Has anyone else broken a bra?
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and u act like breaking a strap is a bad

my hands will never be that unreliable.

Dang! I knew a lady friend of mine that was in need of a bra. She thought she was going to break the only two she said she had outside of lingerie. He was actually too small for the ones she had. She wore a 52H bra. Imagine that....

Never broke a bra, but I have broken a strap to where it couldn't be fixed

oh yes, i hate that or when the wire come up from underneath, and pokes you..I quit wearing bras about 3 months ago. i was talking with th breastdoc here on ep..and he says how bad they are for you anyhow.. well for me, i am a milkmaid, and didnot realize how constrictive bras were for my breasts. :>)

I used to keep a small pair of pliers with me while I was married to my ex-wife. It never failed, We would be out in public and she would have an underwire pop out and poke into her.

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many always when you leat expect it

hahh yes!

my dad got me a bra and the moment I tried it on and went downstairs I broke it...FML

lmfao! i hate it when you cant see the stairs youre trying to step on lol

yes..I just go close to the wall after one time I fell on a friend

Whose DAD buys them a bra? Single, custodial dad? dad brought me one after my ma did and I got bigger before the bra came

my mom did and she could have paid there house off by now in 2000, then 2015

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wow =]

I would have helped like MacGyver with duct tape..... :~)

let me hold them for hands can be good support :)

Wow, that is some stress!

Yep. The underwire (which isn't a wire in many bras) just snapped, right in the middle under my right boob. Thankfully, it was at home, before I left for work.

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Man, what did you do. Run home for lunch?

You need to replace your bra more often.

They're damned expensive and difficult to find ones in larger sizes.

right after i gave birth, i was having problems finding the right size bras. and because my boobs were getting heavier from my milk coming in, the bras werent strong enough and the straps would just snap right off. ive had to stitch sooo many bras back together lol

Where do ya work Babe , & what was the reaction 2 U'r problem , or did any1 but U know that happen ?? Please add me Thanks Beautiful !!

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I really need to find a job where you work! (smile)

i remember a friend just got a custom bra and put it on and when she went down the steps,,,she broke it............her dad was not happy to see $$$ go down the draib like that

Your breasts are so heavy they brake your bra ? I guess you should check every morning to see if all sensible parts are strong enough for supporting your heavy breasts a whole day.