Omg! So I recently graduated from cosmotology school for hair design <3 my job!!! But I just got a job at one of the big chain hair salons! Anyways so over the last year my boobs have grown a ridic amount.. I mean they like went from 34dd to 32ff like BIG! Well I've either worn out most of my bras or outgrown them so I had to put on a nighty!! Lol I know right?? So I was washing this guys hair... he wasnt crazy old, but WAY grey! Well I was wearing kinda a tight button up and I twisted down the wrong way and of course... blew 2 buttons again! Now don't get me wrong... I love playing the tease A LITTLE but this poor guy got a face full of ****!!! Now I love having big tatas and all but that's just embarrassing! Lol I'm sure lots of guys would be jealous of him though huh? ;)
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Now I want to go you to your salon!

Can I get a haircut? ;)

LOL. He loved it. Happened to me in the dentist's chair!

Oh man lol... He was a very lucky guy! So are they still growing?

I am very jealous !!!
Be proud with them, enjoy!!
And add me please :)

yes please just a wash and trim lol nice story

That is soooooooo funny. Is it weird that it kind of turned me on... hmmmm.... hope you're enjoying EP. I was going to add you but I think you have your "anti-stalker" settings enabled haha! x

Haha yeah gotta weed out the weirdos!! Lol! Well want a hair cut???? Lol lol its my new joke with my mom n sister...