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Big Moobs

Ive always been a big guy, now that ive gained alot of weight it goes into my moobs. I inhierited it from my mother side. I found out I could be a 40DD if I wore a bra. Bigger than anyone in my school

As of 8/26/13 I measured again and I'm a 50D which is equivalent to 30N     32M     34L     36K     38J     40I     42H     44DDDD/G     46DDD/F     48DD/E   52C     54B     56A

Didn't think I was that big
teenmalegainer teenmalegainer 18-21, M 7 Responses May 21, 2011

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It's not that unusual. I wear a 54C and occasionally a 52D

Who else here have large areola?

How large is large? I'm at 2-1/2" (5 cm)

Mine are a little under 3"


my understanding the breast areolar changes when a woman becomes pregnant, even if she does not nurse her child.

in men this occurs in gynocomastia, where too much female hormones over take male hormones and guys end up with "***** ****." also happens to men who inject steroids.

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Nicem whats your weight man?

I am always amazed when I am washing under my moobs how large and full they are.

And with a rich, fulling diet and lots of time on EP, maybe they'll keep getting bigger. --HXTP

i wear a bra...

My manboobs are getting big...not as big as yours, but big enough. Please add me to your seem pretty cool.