Big Moobs

Ive always been a big guy, now that ive gained alot of weight it goes into my moobs. I inhierited it from my mother side. I found out I could be a 40DD if I wore a bra. Bigger than anyone in my school

As of 8/26/13 I measured again and I'm a 50D which is equivalent to 30N     32M     34L     36K     38J     40I     42H     44DDDD/G     46DDD/F     48DD/E   52C     54B     56A

Didn't think I was that big
teenmalegainer teenmalegainer
18-21, M
4 Responses May 21, 2011

Nicem whats your weight man?

And with a rich, fulling diet and lots of time on EP, maybe they'll keep getting bigger. --HXTP

i wear a bra...

My manboobs are getting big...not as big as yours, but big enough. Please add me to your seem pretty cool.