Human Parvovirus

I have been suffering with this awful virus for three months now. Naturally it took a while to get a diagnosis, with Dr's running tests for blood clots, thyroid problems and cardiac problems. I am normally a fit and healthy 27 year old woman and have never been ill for more than one or two weeks at a time, so I am struggling to come to terms with having a chronic illness. I keep trying to tell myself it has only been three months and that it might be over soon, but I have read so many horror stories online, and in medical journals that I am aware what I might be in for.

I have been left with post-viral symptoms of fever, headaches, muscle and joint pain, very sore lymph nodes, nausea, extreme fatigue, confusion, dizzyness, brain fog and vision problems. The pain at the moment is awful, and has recently spread into my lower limbs - knees especially. I am taking naproxen and a steroid gel for frequent attacks of mouth ulcers (8 or 9 at a time). This is so debilitating - I went into a shop the other day and ended up buying completely the wrong thing. I can't concentrate at work, can't read and sometimes struggle to even get out of bed.

Hopefully I can get referred to a rheumatologist, or at least an infectious disease Dr, as no one seems to understand much about Parvovirus.
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Wow so I am not the only one with this very bothersome illness. It's been over two years and still nothing works. After reading everyone's stories I feel very bad complaining. How I found out I had it was extreme fatigue. I would sleep for days and days just getting up to eat and go to he washroom. And if I was up, I would say to whoever was listening that I just want to go to sleep. It was so hard to function. Now the fatigue is better but I'm still sleeping for 17 hours each night and during the day I'm exhausted. I'll go to my desk to work and then after a while I find myself waking up with lines on my face. The other thing I've got that's driving me crazy is I'm itchy all over. My legs and arms and face and neck I constantly scratch and rub. I've been taking pills and putting on cream prescribed by my dermatologist and it's been helping but when I'm stressed it gets much worse. I'm so sorry for all of you who has much worse issues than me and I hope that we all get better soon!

Your symptoms sound similar to mine except on top of the fatigue, weight loss, lymph nodes, vision, joint pain, I have diarrhea that has later for over three months. Did you experience any gi problems? I hope all is better for you

The story that "interested friend" heard was repeated this week on NPR's Snap Judgment. The show theme for that Snap Judgement show was "Sugar and Spice," so even if it was a repeat today, you should be able to find it by searching the archives. Good luck.

Yellowdog2. PLEASE tell us what the homeopathic vials were.

I know this is 2 years later but please read if you think you may have Parvo:
Dear SufferingAlone- I have spent the better part of 2012 with Parvo,long story short I went to a Infectious Disease Dr, a top rated rheaumatoligist, a gastroenteroligist, I switched my regular MD thinking they were no good, etc. I had over 10 separate blood draws done, CT Scans. I finally went to a natropathic dr with a sampling of my blood work. Bingo! She said "has anyone been treating you for parvo" and gave me vials of homeopathic medicine. I am 100% back to myself and that was only 3 weeks ago. Please do yourself a favor and try a natropathic. Bring your blood work and your symptoms and be open to what they suggest.

What did your naturopath give to you? I have had it for two years, have had to undergo IVIG therapy. Would love to hear what was given to you that helped.

Heard an amazing story about a young man with lots of unexplained heart attacks. His girlfriend read medical articles until she discovered the Parvo link and had him tested. He was positive. SHe was then able to get him put on an experiment protocol from Germany. He was cured in weeks and three years later is completely healthy. I'm trying to find a link to the story (on the Moth or some equivalent show).

Any help on the name of German Company would be great :)

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Thank you for your posts. I have been having good months and bad months. Yes I have had terrible trouble with high heart rate. It was resting at 110 and within a couple of minutes walking on treadmill in a stress test it was 170 and we had to stop the test. My thyroid was overactive and we have recently discovered my B12 and D are very low. This can cause tachycardia. An immunologist has also found recently that my immune system is deficient (IgG and IgA). He is going to run some more tests by giving me a vaccine and seeing how my immune system responds. They are also running the parvo PCR test to see if the parvo DNA is in my body. I have been to see a physio for the first time today and we are going to give accupuncture a try. I also had chinese trigger point therapy which was very good. Warm baths (not too high because of the heart rate!) with epsom salts also work. It is all temporary though. The immunologist thinks IVIG therapy may be an option, depending on the results of all my immune system tests. <br />
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I hope you are all feeling a bit better. <br />
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It's been over two years for me and I was told it could last up to a year. Then I found out that you could have this for life. After meeting with several different doctors I found that prescribing medicine is what they really do best. So I started doing acupuncture and cupping twice a week ti start and now once a week sometimes every other week. It helps. I also found a really good homeopathic dr. Highly recommend! Changing what you eat makes a huge difference. I am off of all meds and I've been sticking to herbs and a must probiotics for all the other meds I use to be on. That not one of those other dr recommended. Checkout probiotics. And try a full body cleanse there not easy to so but neccessary. And I it's not easy when you are feeling like an 80 old person but try and have good, positive thoughts. <br />
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I still have parvovirus and it has been really high then low then high again. It's very frustrating right when you feel like your getting better then it starts over again. I found when I start getting my energy back I use it all up at once and over do it. And it sets me back days sometimes weeks. I would get so tired I would fall asleep driving up the street do the store of to pick up my kids. And forbid a get a cold or the flu or any kind of illness. It would triple the time and take me two months to get over. Common cold. I would catch a cold and then would only be well for a week or two then be sick again. <br />
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Any way I still have parvovirus and through the acupuncture, cupping and herbs, body cleanse, I am feeling. 90 percent better. I still have a little joint problem and fatigue, but I am so much happier. To b able to walk without all that pain and run around with my kid and gain back my patience. I feel more on control of my life again. All this I took for granted before. One of my doctors said because iv had such inflammation for so long it will take some tim to go away. <br />
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Hang in there and good luck. <br />
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Heel your self from with in.

Wow! I am a 29 year old female in good health and then this virus out of no where seems strange to me? I have just been diagnosed with Human Parvovirus and im amazed to read what lies ahead for me. I have been having all the same symptoms for about 2 months and i've also been tested for everything from crazy bacterial viruses to Lupus.<br />
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Im having heart palpitations as well as the other symptoms, my resting heart rate is at a staggering 140 bpm! Its a very frightening feeling when your heart feels like its going to jump right out of your chest for no apparent reason at all. I was wondering if you girls have had any issues with your heart as well?<br />
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Scared and in Shock-

I like how you wrote your story. I wish you well with your recovery. I remember when I was told it could be 2 - 3 months before I would be rid of Parvo. That was 2 years ago. It still requires my daily attention. Isn't that brain fog terrible? And the fact that you look normal to everyone on the outside doesn't get you the kind of care and support that is so badly needed. The turning points for me was: 1) Minocycline 100mg twice a day with 10mg prednisone. Requires a loading dose of 400mg for 2 - 3 days. and 2) Eliminating alcohol (and vinegar), sugar and yeast from my diet. The pain used to be so bad that I could hardley move without blacking out. Today I am nearly normal again. Praise God. In a way, this illness has actually been a blessing because it has forced me to pay more attention to the things that are Truly important in life.