Humping My Wife's Leg

For the last 3 years I have only had sex with my wife by humping her leg. She will often initiate these sessions when we are in bed by telling me to fetch a towel. When I return she will be stretched out ************. Once I have laid the towel on her leg I mount her thigh. She will often give my arse a few gentle pats or sometimes firmer slaps and tell me to 'go faster'

As I hump her leg she will use her vibrator. As I go faster it turns her on and I get to lick and suck her ****.

Her spare hand will be holding my arse and squeezing, stroking and patting to encourage me.

I feel a sense of humiliation and imagine that she tells her friends about her husband who humps her leg. This normally pushes me really close to ******. I then tell her I am about to come.

If she is not ready she tells me to wait and to suck her ****, and then as she comes herself I am allowed to hump myself off quickly on her leg.

On a few occaisions she comes first and if I am not ready I am told toget off her leg and lie on my back. She will then just fall asleep holding my **** as it throbs in her grip.

Overall I find this very exciting and am happy to carry on with my twice weekly leg hump. My wife is also content and encourages me to use this as my only form of sexual relief.

I am glad to know there are other men who do this, but maybe I am one of the few who have found themselves only achieving rekief in this way?
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2 Responses Oct 22, 2012

I am glad you have a wife whose sexual proclivities mesh with yours. My wife and I practice wife led sexuality in which she is the sole focus of pleasure and my pleasure is relevant only in the context of her pleasure. For a while now, my primary means of sexual release is being allowed to either make love to my wife's feet, or, as you, I frot her thigh. Lately she makes me clean up the "nasty mess" as she calls it, orally. So, my friend you have at least one brother who like you is totally under his wife's sexual control. I would never go back to male-phallo-centric sex ever. Being sexually submissive to my wife is a wonderful experience.

I hump legs and foot too. Mostly when the woman sit on a chair with their legs crossed I go over and stand on my knees front of her foot and she put her foot in between my legs and I start to rub my .... On her legs. I love it.

I definitely like that. I'm not sure it's easy to find, but he'll yea ill do it. I need a list, lol.