I've Hurt Girl's Feelings

It happened on the first monday in 2009.

I was talking with a girl that I like most. I told her that I completly forgot that I had a test earlier that day, and that's why I haven't studied. She said something like ''I can't get how can you forget about a test''. We talked about school and bad grades, as she told me that I need to raise my grades if I want to study biology (biology was her dream, but last year a social worker at our school mixed somethins up, so she didn't have correct elements to study it). I was in a poor mood form before 8a little depressed), and I told her that I don't care if my grades are too low for biology. She tried to make me realize that it is important that we follow our dreams, and that she want me to reach my dreams, as she failed to reach hers. I got mad and I started to shout on her, that she can't choose my faith and that I don't care what she wants and that I don't need her help.

That is how I hurt her feelings. She tried to help and stimulate me to follow my dreams, as she knows from her personal experience how important they are to a person, but I declined her help. I said things I didn't mean. She felt bad about it, but I still do.

In the end I appologised to her and thanked her for her tolerance and will to help me. She had a great influence on me.

Klendo Klendo
1 Response Feb 25, 2009

It takes a lot to admit fault to someone. She sounds like a great influence on you. We all need more friends to encourage us! I'm proud of you for telling her that. :)