My Brave Little Man

I wish to share the story of my little boy, Robbie if I may.

He was born on the 2nd February, 2005, at 3:58pm, with hydrocephalus. (My doctors had been keeping a close eye on my pregnancy, because he started to show abnormalities of the head, in the womb.) He was offered a 'Ventricular-Peritoneal' shunt, to help him drain the built up fluid in his head, but things did not go as according to plans. When he had been offered this the first time, his doctors came out of surgery and told me that he had received a form of infection in the tubing used for the 'VP' shunt. So they could not proceed. They then tried to drain some of the fluid off, manually with a syringe and such, but could only get little bits at a time, because of the pain and the risk to my sweet little darling. It was at this point, that his doctors started making their 'guestimations' as to when we would eventually have to say "goodbye". But my little angel kept fighting. They had said first a week, then a month, then three months, and finally six to eight months after that. But he showed that he was wanting to fight as long as he could. (Mind you, the whole time he was in the hospital, I would not leave his side.) Eventually they stopped guessing.
From this point on, he was in and out of hospital, with appointments, having some of the fluid and pressure drained off for him, and also for emergency treatments. So I undertook some help and got him a carer, who knew more about having a child like this, than myself, as I was only on the pension, and always relied on public transport. It was whilst he was in the home of his carer, that he suffered at the fate of a massive seizure, due to the pressure, and gave up his fight on the 10th December, 2006. His doctors and carer agreed that the pressure had built up too much for him to handle, and that had caused a massive rupturing of the fluids in his cerebellum,ceasing his life and his movements. Before he died, I had a vision from him in one of my dreams, that he came to me and said "Goodbye mommy, I'm going to join my great grand-dad now. Stay here and look after my sisters. Tell them I love them and I'm sorry we didn't get to meet." And just after 10 o'clock, he passed on to go with my grandfather who had passed in the world wars. I got the phone call from his carer the next day, who was in tears, saying he had gone, and then she put me onto the phone with one of his doctors, who then confirmed and told me what had happened. We held the funeral for my dear baby boy, on the 20th December, at 9am, and everyone who had met him, and could attend his funeral was there, including, two of the Starlight Children's Foundation Captains, from the mater children's hospital where he had stayed. He is ever so much loved and missed now, as he was that day, and will forever more, be a keeper of Heaven's Angels.
Thank you for letting me share my story.
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A beautiful story.