Does It Ever Get Better?

I've had HG with two pregnancies, all 40 weeks. Much worse with baby #2 but by the time baby #2 came along so had Zofran and that was a total lifesaver. For my first I took Phenergen for the constant nausea but I really only slept. I lost 57 lbs during my first pregnancy and even with the Zofran I lost 36 lbs with my second pregnancy. I've just confrimed that I am 5 weeks pregnant with baby #3 and I am already very sick. My son is now 5 and my daughter is almost 18 months. Being so sick makes it very hard to care for them. They still need breakfast, lunch, and dinner and sometimes I can't even get out of bed. My OB is booked for an entire month and I won't be able to get in before then. I saw another OB doctor just today for the morning sickness. After 4 days of not keeping down liquids (let alone solids) I had to do something. I asked for the Zofran, but the doctor went on to say I had a vitamin B6 deficiency! That most of the sickness was all in my head and that I ought not to think about it so much. I asked if she was serious. I said, "I don't have time to fantasize medical problems, I have two children, I part time and am about to start my fall classes at college." She smiled and suggested ginger ale. If she only knew that after vomiting ginger ale for days, I was in no mood to smile back. I told her wasn't sure if I would be able to keep a vitamin down, that something along the lines of promethazine supposotries. She said no and then proceeded to tell me that if it continued I could call for another appointment for something different. It really is a lack of awareness and misinformation on my doctor's part I feel that this may have been good advice for a jittery first time mother, but after doing this two times before, I want relief before it gets to the point that I'm so dehydrated that I'm in the hospital getting fluids through an infant sized needle because my viens are so collapsed. I actually had liver failure in month three of my last pregnancy. I'm so scared of  it getting out of hand this time. I wish I had been more firm at the doctor's office today. Don't get buffaloed ladies, let them know that if there is relief that it should be provived. No one should have to suffer though that!
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I am always so sorry to hear of women who have to struggle through HG pregnancies without the help of Drs who truly understand the suffering and seriousness of this real condition. I am going through my 6th preg with HG. It has gotten worse with each pregnancy. I was not diagnosed with it until my 4th babe though. The Dr I have now is fabulous and completely on top of my care. I have a PICC line and home nursing care. One thing that I have not had until this pregnancy that has seemed to help quite a bit, is Pepcid added to my IV fluid. Between 24 hour fluids, Pepcid, zofran, and IV vitamins, I do have occasional good days that I have small breaks from the unrelenting vomiting. Not dehydrating due to the constant IV fluid, eliminates unnecessary suffering as well. Completely bypassing the stomach sometimes is the only way to get some matter of control on it, so you are right-a Dr saying things like "you need vitamins, gingerale, saltines, etc" just does not understand. For us-number 6 will be our gracious finish. They were all worth it-but each person knows when "too weary to try again" is upon them. I hope each of you knows, you are not alone.<br />
"He gives strength to the weary" Isaiah 40:29 I could not have done this any of my pregnancies with out the Lord. Blessings to each of you!

From my experience it gets worse each time! And having a doctor that understands is VERY important. I hate being told eat saltines, drink ginger ale, peppermint... blah blah blah...<br />
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Since your pregnancy is over i am wondering - would you do it again?

I had it back in 2005. I was vomiting 10-15 times a day starting the day after i conceived! It took dr.'s a while to figure out what to do! I had a pic line in my arm for 8months (till i gave birth) I pushed zofran and zantac viva my pic line every four hours. for the first 2 months i ate and drank nothing, all my food and water came from iv fluids during the day and hooked up to TPN for food at night. It was the toughest thing i ever did! As soon as i gave birth it went away! Good luck .. pursue treatment, it makes the world of differance.!!

Were looking at falling pregnant again with number 3 and I am also terrified of the same reoccuring things.<br />
First thing in the morning I will make an appointment with my Dr. thanks for the advise! <br />
I have not had any problems concieving in the past so I hope I'll need the appointment by the time ones available.<br />
Thanks again!

I hope everything is fine with your pregnancy with baby #3. I got pregnant and had hyperemesis so badly that I lost my baby. I am hoping to try again, though. Good Luck