The Hell Of Hyperemesis

Hello fellow survivors!
I am in month 4 of my second pregnancy with an extreme case of HG. Exactly the same as the first time. True pregnancy hell, and I would only say that in this forum. I was forced to take medication the first time after trying to push past my doctors recommendations at 6 weeks when I was already vomiting through the day. I waiting until 8 weeks when I was so dehydrated it took a day in the hospital to get back to safe.

I hate taking anything while pregnant, but as many of you know its LIFE OR DEALTH-literally, which is such a crazy thing to face while pregnant. I also discovered medical marijuana was the only thing that calmed my nausea enough to engage my appetite. It came doctor recommended and I researched it for days first even though my 60 something year old family doctor gave it his blessing. It has literally saved my life both times, as the maximum dose of Zofran is not enough to keep me from vomiting.

Up until week 13 I was getting sick 5-7 times day/night, now at 4 months I am just vomiting between 12am and 8am. When I go a couple hours without anything in my stomach I barf, uncontrollably for about 5 minutes (usually just spit and bile) then I force myself to eat yogurt and go back to wake up 2-3 hours later so sick I'm convulsed to go barf up-nothing! It's so awful and such an ab workout.

In the end, I'm thankful for modern medicine giving me the chance to live through child bearing and motherhood (back in the day I'd been toast) One of my best memories is the hospital breakfast I ate the next morning after my first son was born. I was like "I'm not nauseous-holy molly!"

All worth it, but damn! You feel me girls? Sending love to all who is and has suffered through this pregnancy hell. Blessings~
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Dec 2, 2012