Second Times A Charm...

I had HG 11 years ago with my son. My HG was real bad to the point where I had to get a pic line placed in my arm, due to me having collassaped veins. Needless to say, my son had two strokes to the brain when I was 3 months pregnant. I strongly believe they were caused by all the gut wrenching vomiting and lack of nutrients. But of course, DR's assured me that wasn't the case. Now, I'm 17 wks pregnant and I have HG again! :-( I'm constantly back and forth to the hospital to get hydrated. I'm very nervous and scared the same thing, if not worse will happen with this pregnancy. I've been on every nausea medication there is on the market and NOTHING works, for me at least. Just praying for a miracle, a cure or a blessing because I am tired of being sick.
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1 Response Jan 6, 2013

I had it both pregnancies. My son is 15 my girl is 4. I am now 5 wks prego and starting to feel ill. I been taking zofran already.