Struggling To Cope.

I am 26 weeks pregnant with my second baby. In my first pregnancy I had HG but it stopped around 5 months. I only had to go to hospital once in that pregnancy and although I felt rubbish I coped. This time I'm not doing at all. I have been sick every single day since about 4 weeks. Sometimes I'm sick over 50 times a day. I wake up to be sick and spend the rest of the night dozing/throwing up in the bathroom. We have sick bowls to hand everywhere in the house and in the car. This time I've had to be admitted to hospital 7 times. I am so happy to be having a baby but I despise being pregnant. I don't see how I will make it to the end of each week never mind full term. I look ghastly too. I am 5'7 and was just over 8 stone when I got pregnant.. I'm starting to get a bump that little sticks out at the bottom of my tummy but everything else is just skin my face looks pale and my hip bones are disgusting. It's reassuring to know the little baby boy inside of me is doing fine but I feel so guilty for wishing this torture to be over sooner.. People just look at you like get a grip it's morning sickness but my entire life is destroyed :( I'm so so tired and my throat hurts from being sick so much and no medication works.. I respect everyone that has coped with this until 40 weeks because I am a failure and can't last a day without crying :(
Kwhitts Kwhitts
22-25, F
Jan 21, 2013