I Have Hyperhidrosis And I Have Found A Great T-shirt To Solve My Problem

There is a recently created company called SUTRAN which has been created to provide the solution to the stains on clothes due to perspiration in excess. The solution they propose is an innovative T-shirt that absorbs body fluids giving a pleasant sensation on the skin, allowing perspiration to the body but avoiding fluids abroad.
They have designed a highly effective product for people who can’t wear their clothes quietly. So, from now on, you can look good in any situation avoidins unsightly stains caused by perspiration.

This T-shirt is make up of two surfaces: The inside one is to absorb as much perspiration as the body creates to regulate its temperature for different causes, and the outside surface avoids the fluid comes out, but allows its evaporation.
As it is said, between the two surfaces of the T-shirt, an inner tuve helps to insulate the body temperature from the outside (regardless of whether it is summer or winter).
You can contact them in their website: www.sutran.eswhere you can buy different kinds of T-shirts. Otherwise, if you can visit Spain, they are located in Barcelona and Madrid.
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