Has Anyone Been Prescribed Propantheline Bromide As A Cure For Hyperhydrosis?

I have put a lot of time into researching hyperhydrosis and one of the medications recommended by the NHS (UK) is "propantheline bromide". I went to the doctors several weeks ago. The doctor i saw on this particular date highlighted that "oxybutynin" would be available to me - however he wanted to make sure there were no underlying problems and ran a few tests. They came back satisfactory. I booked a follow up appointment, over the moon with joy thinking i would be prescribed oxy. He refused, saying in 20 years of practice he had never seen this used for HH. I cried. literally. He prescribed me with "anyhdrol forte" - a 20% aluminium chloride soln which was to be applied at night. I have never felt so much pain in my life, and the effects werent all that great either!! I am back on my way to looking for a cure.

If anyone has been prescribed with Propantheline bromide or Oxhbutynin please get in touch. Or even if you havent but just want someone to share your story with, please talk to me so i can feel like im not alone.

"sui generis" is latin for unique, one of a kind - this is how HH makes me feel.
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Hi I feel your pain and would love to know what you have tried so far

hey there!!! dont worry there is a solution (not cure though)....Pls try ROBINUL (generic glycopyrolate)....search the internet for it
Type (ask paitient + robinul)in the google and click on the first address....Hope its gonna change ur life for BETTER....ALL THE VERY BEST

hey there!!! dont worry there is a solution (not cure though)....Pls try ROBINUL (generic glycopyrolate)....search the internet for it
Type (ask paitient + robinul)in the google and click on the first address....Hope its gonna change ur life for BETTER....ALL THE VERY BEST

hey there!!! dont worry there is a solution (not cure though)....Pls try ROBINUL (generic glycopyrolate)....search the internet for it
Type (ask paitient + robinul)in the google and click on the first address....Hope its gonna change ur life for BETTER....ALL THE VERY BEST

Hi guys, I have lived with the curse that is Cranial Hyperhydrosis for about 14 years now, started when I was about 15. No need to go into too much detail as I think most of us here reading this know how it prevents any kind of social life and is pretty much horrible in every way. I have found myself making excuses to avoid even my closest friends when they suggest lunch etc so rarely see them which I hate! can't eat dinner with family, can't go to the hairdressers as my face starts pouring as soon a I sit down etc etc...

Anyway, I have finally decided enough is enough, time to to do something and start talking about it rather than hiding away in a corner. I visited a dermatologist who seemed to know her stuff. I explained that I have tried many aluminum antiperspirants with no effect at all and that over the last year or so it has started becoming more general which wakes me up a lot in the nights etc. I don't mind sweaty arm pits and feet etc to be honest as annoying as they are, but when your face looks like you have just stepped out of the shower even on a cold day it is hard to hide and hugely embarrassing.

The Dermatologist prescribed me Propantheline Bromide to try given that it is the only licensed option, although she did mention unlicensed ptions that we can try if needed. I am building up to 3 times a day for 3 months. Given that I have only had one a day for three days so far I can't comment on them too much. I will say however that I walked around a few shops in town today, normally my head would have been glistening a lot of the time but I was very much dry! A good start then. I should mention that I felt very weird after the first one, quite sick and light although I am fine today. I have also been getting signs of dry mouth but I can live with that if it means gaining some kind of life back. I am very much hoping these will be the solution.

I'll be sure to keep you updated.

Just to update everybody. I have been on P Bromide for about 8 months now. Long story short, it has changed my life! I can't recomend them enough to anybody who has Hyperhidrosis, especially of the face like me which is impossible to hide. They aren't a cure, but I am taking 3 a day and the sweating is gone for the most part. I need to up my dosage for these hot summer months it seems but compared to what I was like without them, life is so much better now. I can do normal things and rarely wake up soaking wet in the night any more. I was taking two at night and one in the morning as perscribed, but I have taken it upon my self to reverse this and have one at night and two in the morning as this seems to suit my needs better in my active job and yeilds better results. I will be requesting to have my dosage upped to 4 a day just so I can fit one more in after lunch to help extend the effects through the day. The effects certainly don't last if you stop taking the tablets, so I expect to be on these for life.

There are a few side effects worth noting, I felt sick for the first week, this passes. What remains however after 8 months is the chronic dry mouth, the extent you get this may depend on the individual but mine is quite bad. I find it hard to swallow and cough. But simply chewing gum and drinking lots of water does help with this. Secondly, I find it incredibly dificult to urinate while on the tablets. It is a weird sensation in that I feel like I need to go, but just can't, I have to really strain so watch out for these as neither is pleasant.

Ultimately the positives far out weigh the negatives for me in that I can now do everyday things and enjoy time with friends without constantly worrying about my head dripping. I am very much happier now and that is the best praise I can offer. Thank you NHS!

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I have been on and off it for years now, and the only reason I go off it, as I am lazy or run out. The doctor prescribed it for me where I have 1 pill, 3 times a day. If I have 2 pills, I get cottonmouth that Jim Carrey from Me, Myself and Irene would be envious of! But it works, really well too!

Hi, I'm 22 and have developed HH over the last 3 years. I get in worst on my torso, especially my back. I have consulted with doctors, some good, some bad and have just tried Propanalol. This didn't work for me and to be honest I didn't expect it to (it's only effective in reducing sweats due to anxiety), my doctor is ringing the pharmacy about Propantheline because apparantly there was an issue with the drug or something... any information on this?

I have been taking pro-banthine for 7 years. Prescribed by doctors in uk.

It is part of family of drugs called anticholinergics and side effect is to stop sweating. Only pro-banthine is licensed in uk to be prescribed for sweating. Generic name Propantheline. A specialist dermatologist can prescribe Off License anticholinergic Glycopyrrolate which is sold in USA under name Robinul. Canada name Avert.The other not so effective anticholinergic is Oxybutynin, USA name DITROPAN.
I would say making sure these drugs are taken on empty stomach without water, hour before eating makes them work best. Depending on severity of your condition depends on how many you need to take and how effective and how long they last.

Visit site www.askapatient.com to see people's comments on taking these drugs. Use A-Z or key in name. 109 comments for Robinul by HH sufferers.

Pro-banthine is also produced by Sigma in Australia and I get this on the Internet because it gives me less gastric problems than the Archimedes version produced for Europe.


Best wishes

Keith uk

Hi there I also suffer from HH. I did so for more than 9 years before it was diagnosed, I kept being told it was the menapause!!! I am on Propantheline which has changed my life. No need to explain what it was like before as you already have experienced this. Please ask your Doctor to give you the correct treatment, Propantheline is the only thing that has worked for me.

I have tried oxybutynin and the only thing it did for me was make me itch and it really used to burn when i started to sweat. I was given probanthine and I take three pills which work really well for up to 5 hours but the problem is when I take them my mouth becomes so dry I cannot really eat unless is something like soup etc..

I have been taking Propantheline Bromide for over a year now, and it's fantastic! I spent years seeing different doctors here in NZ until I was finally prescribed this by a Doctor who came from the UK. Do yourself a really big favor and book yourself in with another Doctor. I too was prescribed that horrible high strength stuff and ended up with such a rash under my arms I was off work for two days and had to use cortisone cream to relieve it....

hi i was prescribed both i find the oxy has major and horrible side affects manly constipation and dry mouth. i have just started taken propantheline after it not being avalible for over nine months, so far ive noticed a little difference, im still waiting to here if my appeal for botox has been accepted as i know this works but its so costly

Is propantheline available in the UK currently. We need it asap for our 13 year old Golden retriever to help his urine incontinence. We cannot buy it in the Netherlands. When we run out of our last 200 tablets we have no other choice but putting him to sleep.

It works for me, however I have to take it at regular intervals and on an empty stomach. For years of living with the condition, going hungry while out and about or at work was NOT an issue in comparison with the relief of dryness. What I have to do though is not eat for up to 8 hours prior (but it might be less for you) then I take three an hour before going out anywhere, and two tablets subsequently every two hours or so after. It does give me the side effects of dry mouth, blurred vision (to some extent), even sometimes heart palpitations, but i have been on it for three years now and am still alive! I am 25 and take between 7-12 tablets daily. Although this is above the recommended max dose, I haven't suffered any long term effects and my doctor stated that an overdose just exacerbates the side effects with no long term effects.

Hi all.I have facial HH, I have been on propantheline a month, I get a dry mouth 20 mins after taking the tabs, but it hasn't reduced my sweating at all. Should it work straight away? Or does it take a couple of months to kick in? I'm taking 3 tabs before I go to sleep like my doctor said. Please do let me know if I should carry on taking them. Thanks.

I don't know why your doctor suggested taking it before bedtime when the half life is like an hour and a half, so by the time you wake up the effect has gone, i.e. it stopped you sweating in your sleep which is no good.

I take it an hour before I don't want to be sweating, so maybe an hour before work and then one every couple of hours after that.

I don't see why taking your dose at night time would help at all.

I have been prescribed propantheline bromide for HH - took it for one day then had to stop because in caused a problem with my eyes and I had to have laser surgery, my eyes are ok now and I have been told I can take them again but am very uneasy about it. What would you do?

I've used oxybutynin only as needed. "going out with friends etc.".
I has reduced sweating by about 10 to 15 %. I also use a sage tea with oxybutynin which reduces sweating by about 25 to 30 %. I would more excited to try propantheline it seems to be the better of the two.

would it not be great if someone in the know out there would give us the reason to why so many people are being denied this medication .WHY IS THERE A SUPPLY PROBLEM!!??

I have been on propatheline bromide for about 4 years and it has been absolutely brilliant for me. It took a little while to get used to the dry mouth etc but it has had a really positive effect for me. I ran out in May and have been trying alternatives since but with no luck. I really hope that they start to manufacturer it again soon!

Why oh why do they stop do things when they obviously work for so many people anybody take an alternative to propantheline bromide that works x

Hi I have been on 60mg of propantheline bromide a day for about 18 months and it my wonder drug it's fab although I still get a lot of night sweats but a small price to pay if I can b normal during day but just ran in to a nightmare there is a problem with manufacturing an it's not available until jan 2013 so am trying to find an alternative at min with not much luck

You are not alone. I have hyperhydrosis and it' dictates what I wear, what I do and so and so forth. It's uncomfortable and embarrassing and has made me a nervous wreck. I am on propantheline which works to a point but they have stopped making it and so I am awaiting to see a specialist to provide an alternative like ' oxy'. Heres hoping.<br />
My kindest regards to you and know you are most definetley not alone. Sarah. X

hi i have been given propanthaline bromide 15mg tablets for excessive sweating it worked a treat the only downside was the dry eyes and the dry mouth so after eventually finding this great life changing drug the pharmacy cant get any more due to a manufacturing problem and the doc sais there is no alternative aaarrrgggg back to the embarrassed sweaty head hope you find some help with ur HH.

Mandy I no exactly wat your goin threw because it's same for me :( it only started 3 years ago wen I was 23 completley ruined my life I always have to make excuses to getting out of doin things no1 understands :( I have been doctors several times nothing waste of time I found out for myself wat I've got by lookin on the Internet I managed to find a site just last night that sell these bromide tablets are they any good? Do they actually work? And it's really strange how no1 else in my family has this condition!?

Hi I have hyperhydrosis :( carnt tell you how horrible it is it started about 3 years ago :( I'm 26 male now I carnt do anyfing like family meals shopping anything normal like that without goin rally hot & sweating luckily I work outside :-/ if u have any ideas wat I can take to cure this please tell me :-| thank you

Hi there!! You dont have to tell me how horrible it is as i can empathise with you!! Well it depends where abouts in the world you live. i live in the UK and we have a national health service which provides numerous treatments. Firstly they recommend aluminium chloride deodorants such as anhydrol forte and driclor. you can give these a go. they can be painful and give little relief. its about finding out what works for you :)

Dear unique yes i have been subscribed them but only after reading about them online for head sweating worked great (apart from dry mouth which apparently comes with the territory with these types of drugs) but like others have been told there is no more supply I urgently need an alternative.

yeh ive just got scrip for probanthaline it stopped sweats from first tab,and i cant believe im dry.more or less couldnt sleep last night as i been so used to wet bedding for some mths and had little faith anything would help but it did.i am really tired though tday and i wont be waiting for the unexpected tnite

Hi<br />
<br />
I have taken probathine for 20 years now for facial HH. Works well except for dry mouth. Just been advised that probathine has a manufacturing issue in the UK. I rang the supplier who advised that they are the only supplier in the EU. They advised to ask my chemist to ring direct to investigate alternative supply chain. I will chase for an update. Currently had to push my Dr to prescribe oxybutynin , he did want to. I am now trying this pill

Free Botox, oh how I wished it were free here in Aus! Not so....<br />
<br />
One company has a small claim through Australian Medicare, so we are finally getting somewhere in regards to people understanding this condition. However you still are around $500 out of pocket at the end of the 50 needles.<br />
<br />
Anyway I have continued success with Perspi-guard. A product which I mentioned earlier on another speel, and I have found it to be quite good. I do however apply it every night to ensure the product continues to work. It does not sting - only if you use it on freshly shaved or irritated broken skin! I must admit my armpits become a little more hairier as I tend not to shave as much, otherwise I can't use the product for a day or so. So far it is great and I am happy to pay the $40 per bottle as it seems to last a while. <br />
<br />
I have had major HH under the arms forever as long as I can remember. I am heading towards 40, so yes quite a long time. I suggest some of you HH sufferers try and get your hands on some Perspi guard. You can buy it in Aus, don't know about other countries. Just google I guess! Let me know how you go!<br />
<br />
Good luck!

Hi there, I too live in the UK and have been prescribed propantheline bromide 15mg 3 times a day for generalised hyperhydrosis(prescribed by dermatologist). I have only been on this drug a week and it has completely changed my life for the better. Sweating has completely stopped now so no more embarrassing facial sweats while talking to people, no more wet hair, no more soaking clothes, no longer need to wear dark clothes to hide it and most of all I actually have the confidence to go out more(used to avoid going out because it was so embarrassing). I probably sound silly saying this but it has given me my life back. I'm due to go back to the dermatologist on the 13th of August and he will possibly double my dose. My only side effects were a little nausea for the first couple of days and dry mouth. All I have to do is drink more water carry a pack of mints or chewing gum which I feel is nothing considering massive difference it has made to my life.<br />
<br />

Hi Mandy!

This is a real help as it seems that you have all of the same symptoms as i do!! Im really happy to find out that you have been proscribed this. My appointment is Sept 27th and I cannot wait to see what they can do for me!! To be honest, water and mints arent really a sacrifice for getting your life back! I wish you the best of luck and hopefully i will see the same results.

Hi, had HH for a good few years now, tryed everything GP suggested all to no avail,recently had appointment with a dermatologist who suggested Glycopyrroonium Bromide, unfortunatly this didn`t work.He then offered me Propantheline tabs 15G.....they actually work,i can sleep at night now without having to have a towel under my head and during the day i can do most things i usually do with a great deal less sweating. But be sure it isn`t perfect but it has made me more confident to be seen in the street. Only problem now is my Pharmacist tells me the tabs are not available anymore,so he he has managed to get some and put aside for repeat presc<x>ription,Dreading the day they run out !

Hi, <br />
I have seen around 8 consultants and i haven't met one person that hasn't said 'its the worst case i've ever seen'.<br />
<br />
You do know that you can get botox free on the nhs now? i have had it three times, it didnt really make much difference to me but then again not much does and i have heard and read that it really does help most people, ofcourse it is mostly for the underarm but can be done on the face too. It doesn't hurt half as much as you'd think either. Just ask your doctor to refer you to a consultant at hospital.<br />
<br />
I know how frustrating it is when they say 'Have you tried aluminium ba<x>sed anti-persperants?' I think ill kill the next doctor that asks that, ive tried it all!<br />
<br />
I don't know how bad yours is or how much it affects your daily life but im trying to get the VAT operation, also called a sympathectomy, most consultants just say no because of the risks, but as you will understand it can get you really down, its a life changer, and most people just dont understand that!<br />
<br />
Anyway, im waffling, your NOT on your own, i know that doesn't really help, but its all ive got haha, but seriously, ask for the botox, its free and takes around 25 minutes(minus numbing cream waiting time if you opt for it) and its completley worth it!!<br />
<br />
Hope that helps!

Hi there!
Thanks a lot for sharing your experience and advice. I assume you also have generalised hyperhidrosis then? I have an appointment on 27th Sept so we will see how it goes :)! Good luck with getting your surgery!

S x

Hi there, my brother has suffered with hyperhidrosis for over 20 years now. He has tried everything. Please I urge anyone reading this DO NOT GET ENDOSCOPIC THORASIC SYMPATHECTOMY SURGERY.
He originally needed treatment for auxillary hyperhidrosis(underarms only)
He tried the aluminium based antiperspirants,these were agony
He tried botox, the results were only a couple of dry weeks. And then several weeks waiting to get funding for another course of botox, so in reality, not a solution.
Then he tried a surgery where the sweat glands were scrapped away...we thought thus had worked, for a couple of months there was no sweating, and I had a brother who was finally ready to begin his life...then he noticed he was starting to sweat again. He went back and had more of the scrapping surgery which again was only successful for a couple of months.
Thinking that we had exhausted all avenues he too thought ETS was worth the risks. It was done in two surgeries about 8 weeks apart, as the surgeon has to deflate one lung at a time. As seems to be a running theme in our hyperhidrosis battle, early signs were good and were the deciding factor of having the second surgery. Since then my brothers life has been hell. Oh yes he doesnt sweat from his underarms anymore, but now sweats from his nipple line down, his chest, back and legs now sweat profusely at the slightest exertion, temperature increase, eating spicey foods, even putting his hands in hot water to do the washing up sets him off. The sores he has on his body from wearing wet clothes are awful and will not heal while he continues to sweat. Its like the surgery has broken his internal thermostat and it is torture every day for him and everyday for us knowing we cant help him and knowing we all encouraged him to have surgery which has ruined his chance of a normal life.
Please please please anyone reading this, do not get ETS. I believe it is now been banned in Sweden. Thank you for reading this I know its quite long winded but I feel very strongly that people should be warned against this surgery.

Thanks for this, i have heard horror stories about this surgery!! I wish your brother all the best as i can only imagine how he feels!!

Hi there, I'm sorry to hear about your brother. I too am in exactly the same situation it's like I was reading my own story. I live in Australia and am trying to find someone to prescribe something. I'm hoping prop bromide will be successful. I am so miserable with the excess sweating. Let me know if your brother has been successful with any treatments to date.

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Hey all.<br />
<br />
I am currently using a product called Perspi-Guard. It comes in a small clear bottle costs about $40 AUD. Use it before bed.<br />
<br />
It seems to be working. I even wore a yellow jumper today and no sweat all day, even now.<br />
<br />
So far so good!

Hey there,<br />
<br />
Oh I feel your pain.<br />
<br />
Nothing I have used helps.... <br />
<br />
Apparently in the US you can take some pill. I am not sure what it is. I am in Aus. We have no awareness it seems, nothing. And the crap doctors give you to put on your arms at night, sheesus.....

I am in the US and I was prescribed robinul forte a small white pill that is used to treat patients before they have surgery to 'dry' them out. I took it for a couple of years and I think it was more of a placebo affect than anything else. I really wanted something to work so badly that I think I thought it worked a bit, but in reality I still sweated just as much. It also had a side effect that I didn't like- it dried out my mouth pretty badly. I had to keep gum or a water bottle around all the time because of the dry mouth. After a while I didn't think it was worth paying for a pill I didn't think worked very well and caused side effects. Best of luck finding something. I still struggle with underarm sweating. It gets worse in social situations and I would love to one day find a cure.

Hi Suigeneris,<br />
<br />
I have not been told much about Propantheline bromide or Oxhbutynin<br />
<br />
But HAVE made a recent discovery in a cream given to me by a Dermatologist, called:<br />
<br />
GLYCOPYRRONIUM BROMIDE 0.5% in Cetomacrogol Cream Formula A (50g )<br />
<br />
<br />
This was prescribed recently and I feel I have had some success ( I suffer from primary facial hyperhidrosis) and has definately worked to some degree on making my face dry. <br />
<br />
I definately suggest you ask about this or atleast getting some made up to try ? I tried Anhydrol Forte but it really is too risky I feel to use on my face considering - so I have used the cream and not had any stinging - just generally a lot dryer skin..<br />
<br />
good luck!

Hi there, thanks for replying.

Were you prescribed this in the uk? my doctors are refusing to give me it as it isnt the primary purpose. they dont realise how confusing and frustrating it is to be told there isnt much they can do! I have tried anhydrol forte but the pain was very intense


Yup , I'm in the Uk and this treatment was made available after some discussion on what to do as the ideas were running out...

In fact I now remember that this was what the Dermatologist said I could start on BEFORE considering Oxhbutynin and other type pills.

You should perhaps get booked in with a Dermatologist and tell THEM about the cream I mentioned in the earlier post.

Good luck! and yes It is confusing and frustrating when a Doctor gives conflicting views but bear with it - It's been a long nearly 3 years now even just getting to the stage where I found out about my condition and even getting this cream to try out. Stressful but not worth giving up on!

i'm not going to give up until they give me something because the impact this has on my life is overwhelming. My doctor told me weeks ago that he was referring me to the dermatologist but i have yet to hear back. hopefully soon it will all be over! Thanks for replying