I am an 18 year old girl and I have HH (hands, feet and underarms). The underarms and feet don't really bother me, but my hands definitely do. It bothers me mostly because of how other people react to it. I know I shouldn't care but I feel like people would treat me differently if they found out. In my entire life I've only told 6 people and four of them are family, and one is a family friend who also suffers from HH. I never touch people and avoid situations where I would have to. I have had to give up caffeine because it just makes me sweat more. I am really unhappy with my quality of life because of how self conscious I am. The family friend I know that also has HH is a 40 year old women, I really look up to her, but she lives alone. I don't know why she isn't married or dating anyone, but in my mind i attribute it HH. I don't want to end up alone because people are grossed out by my HH. I don't even know how to tell people. I avoid hanging out with guys I like because I don't want to wind up in a romantic situation and have to explain my HH. There also seems to be no real cure. The pills I was given only work sometimes, and the surgery seems to have a lot of ups and downs. I am just really upset, and it feels really good to tell someone about it.
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O, man, i totally feel you on this hand thing...i swear NOBODY understands it unless they have it. everything you just said ive been through and still affects me D: honestly people say good people will accept you for it but, people who actually have it knows even good people will make a gross face when touching it. even discomfort. they may not hate it but you know that you give out discomfort is the worst. I hate HH with a passion. and i feel for you and everyone who has this..