Using Maxim Again

I don't recall exacly when it started but I think it was sometime in middleschool. I am 23 now. Out of college.

I sweat excessively in my armpits. I always ahve to cover up or try to by wearing black. Black's my favorite color anyway but still, I'm stick of having to constantly take into consideration my hyperhydrosis when shopping for clothes. i remember in highschool in college constantly wearing bulky sweaters so no one would see. But of course the heat many me even sweatier.

And my mom would always say: Oh, you just need to wear cottong t-shirts.

She just doesn't understand that it will get wet staind within a minute of putting it on! Even in the winter!


But recently I got Maxim (clinical strength antiperperant) from Amazon because I recall using it a few years ago. And it WORKED! The only reason i stopped using it was because it itched pretty bad and gave me a nasty rash... but I'm starting my job soon and HAVE to wear a T-shirt everyday, no if ands or buts. So I have no choice. And I'm willing to put up with some stinging and itchiness if it means no wet pit stains.

Anyone else try MAXIM??

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drysol and botox

hi there , i'm sorry to hear what you,re going through, i'm a 6th year medical student and i also suffer from hyperhidrosis, but in my palms and my soles, i know how overwhelming this condition can be, i would like to point out to a treatment that can really help you, they know use botox injection (similar to those used for cosmetic purpose to reduce wrinkles in the face), they inject the substance in the skin at the armpit area on both sides, it's extremely effective and safe if performed by an experienced doctor. the use of botox injection for treatment of axillary (armpit) hyperhidrosis has been approved by the FDA.<br />
However there are 3 disadvantages<br />
1) It's a bit expensive for some people - you should ask and find out how mach will it cost, may be it is affordable by you<br />
2) It has a temporary effect, the effect duration of the injection generally range between 6 to 9 months, then you have to repeat the treatment<br />
3) Sometimes you may experience "over-dryness" since the injection blocks sweating completely in the area it is applied to, which can cause the skin to become very dry<br />
<br />
In my opinion the later 2 disadvantages can be tolerated pretty well, at least they are much less distressing than hyperhidrosis itself, however the expenses may be the limiting factor for some people.<br />
Hope i was of any help, and best wishes.

i guess it all just depends... well, i'll look for your update

hearts, thanks for the input<br />
Yes, I have seen those on amazon as well. I've read some mized reviews. Like how the sweat can actually spread past the padded areas...sort of leak. Which sounds like something that might happen to me.<br />
<br />
I know they work for some people though.<br />
<br />
I guess for now I will stick with maxim and see how long I can stand it... or perhaps they changed the formula and it wont leave a rash? Either way, i'll report back on what happens with it.

you can have a tailor or a seamstress sew in armpit sheilds in your clothing. they sell them at fabric stores. they are meant to protect your clothes. do you think that would help?