My mother has hyperthyroidism as well, both of us untreated. Neither of us have really felt the symptoms bad enough to do anything. Although hers just seems to keep her thin, and possibly be the cause of her trouble with sleeping. When the doctor listed off the symptoms of her diagnosis, she realized some of them described me too, and I went and got tested. The biggest issue of having hyperthyroidism, for me, is the heat intolerance.  That was the symptom that set my mom's suspicion off too. Ever since I was little, when i'm out under direct sun and heat for an extended period, I tend to lose my mind. It sounds crazy, I know, but it feels like my brain is boiling inside my head, and I get incredibly angry and lash out. I just can't think, can't breath, and my mom has seen it happen more than once. We attributed it to me being pale, but after getting terribly sun burnt once, I became very very ill. Which lasted for weeks. "Sun poisoning," is what they called it. (It was barely noticeable until I moved into the South, where the summers are usually in the 100's of degrees.)

But that is what lead to my diagnosis, which is really more of an answer than anything else. I'm not looking for a solution. Radiation and surgery are no treatment for merely avoiding getting overheated.
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If you don't get treatment you may end up with cardiac arrest, it is an extremely serious condition. I can relate to the heat issue totally and not being able to sleep at night, my skin is v pale also and I don't tolerate the sun v well, please do something soon for your own sake and your mothers.

Aren't you and your mother worried that if you leave this untreated you will have heart problems and osteoporosis eventually? I have read that quite a few places. I have always had heat intolerance as well. Sometimes I wonder if I have had this since I was a teenager.