My Hyperthyroidism Story

I just found out a week ago that I have this disease. I have had symptoms for years but didn't realize what I had until I started having the shakes a few months ago. At first I thought it was from exercising at Curves, then I realized it wasn't normal and I started shaking more often. My hands, my legs and felt shaky inside as well. I saw my general practitioner for an annual exam and asked him to test me. They had me come back for a second test and said that I was hyper and they were starting me on beta blockers right away to help some of the symptoms and sending me to an endocrinologist.Ā 

My appointment with the endo is tomorrow. I have been doing a lot of research about the treatments to prepare myself. I hope that they do not want me to have RAI, or surgery they both scare me and I don't want to end up with hypo and have to take pills for the rest of my life !

I feel like I could treat this naturally with diet and herbal supplements or maybe take thyroid meds.

Has anybody here had RAI? Surgery?
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I had the surgery I didn't trust the RAI because I knew people that got cancer from it I'm trying to scare anybody I'm just letting you know what I know but my surgery went well just have to take a replacement hormone once a day everyday thats better then taking 8 or 9 pills a day I your not going to get cancer everyone is different.

Hey Holly!<br />
I had it, I guess you could say, but now I don't... sort of. Hyperthyroidism is pretty complicated unfortunately. I feel out of place giving you advice since you are older and probably wiser than me, but here's what has happened to me so far. Since I was 17 when I got it, the endo put me on a medication called methemazole (sp?) which slowly brings the thyroid back to normal. Then, she took me off of it because you can't be safely on it for more than a year or so. Now I'm waiting for my thyroid hormones to spike back up so I can get the radio active treatment to obliviate my thyroid gland. Yes... I will be hypo for the rest of my life, but it is a HECK of a lot easier to manage. I'm also tired of getting my blood checked monthly. Good luck to you!! You will be in my prayers :)

I agree with the above try the natural way but don't stop taking your prescrbed medicine. I am determined not to have an underactive thyroid it can ruin your life.

Hi Holly<br />
we have similar stories. I refuse to have my Thyroid removed. I'm seeing a Dr./Naturopath . She's looked at my blood work and adrenals and there is a more natural approach to managing your Thyroid. Keep doing more research. If they destroy<br />
your thyroid you will become Hypo and that's only because it's easier for "them" to manage. Good luck !