It Really Is Aweful

Hyperthyroidism really messed me up big time. Before I had it, I didn't even know there was such a thing as a Thyroid. Now I feel like an expert haha. Anyway, I was having a lot of trouble in school. I was exhausted, my grades were terrible, I had trouble sleeping, my hands were shaky, and I felt bad all of the time. I ended up being clinically depressed, and had to go see a counselor. I was put on some depression medication, and I felt better about myself, but I was still tired all of the time and my grades were pretty lousy. She suggested I get some blood work done because I might be anemic. Well everyone was surprised to hear that I had Hyperthyroidism. I was later diagnosed with Graves Disease. Since I wasn't technically an adult yet, the endocrinologist started me off with some thyroid medication that slowly but surely brought down my hormone levels, and made them normal. After about six months I decided that I wanted to get off the medication so I could do the radio active treatment to become hypothyroidism. My endocrinologist said that my levels would probably spike back up because my thyroid is pretty enlarged. Unfortunately, they have not. They are normal right now. Some of you are probably thinking, "Well that's great! Why would that be bad?" Well, I'm going to college next year, and I really don't want to have to deal with this away from home. Apparently, it could take two whole years before my thyroid decides to go all crazy on me again. I'm so tired of not knowing. I'm so tired of getting blood work done every month. Thanks to Hyperthyroidism, my GPA looks like crap, and getting into colleges is limited. I wish there was a scholarship for hyperthyroidism... It is very unfair.

All in all, this disease has made me a stronger person, I guess, but I could have done without it.

Thanks for reading my story,
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Hi irishme,

I’m trying to write a book to help teachers and parents understand students with hypothyroidism. I’d love to include your story. I too struggled with my grades, because of my hypothyroidism. How did your experience with hypothyroidism affect your performance in school? How did your friends or family react? If you have any advice or stories you’d like to share, I think it would be great to hear them.

Thanks so much, from a fellow hypothyroid student,

My grades were also lousy but i applied to all the colleges of my hoice. i got denied of the one i wanted to attend the most. They said i could write an appeal letter and i told them all about my hyperthyroidism and that it caused my grades to drop. They accepted me. :)