16 And Just Diagnosed...

Today I found out that I probably have hyperthyroidism. To my doctor, this is a shock. To me? I'm not sure. I'm confused and scared, to be honest, but after talking to my mom, I feel like I should have expected this. Hypothyroidism (and breast cancer, unfortunately) run in my family. Every single woman on my mom's side, about 30 people total, have hypothyroidism - except for a cousin that I've never met, also a teenager, who has hyperthyroidism. My doctor says that there's no way that I should have it...I'm an otherwise healthy, just-turned-16 year old in Georgia. I've felt unreasonably cold for about a month, and since I plan to become a doctor someday and I read medical journals and books for fun (yes, I'm a nerd!), I asked my mom if I could have inherited her hypothyroidism. She doubted it, but we went in for a blood test a few days ago...and here I am, with the opposite condition. As I read the symptoms, I guess that I do exhibit several...increased appetite, nervousness, insomnia, inability to gain weight (I've always been a short 4' 11', but I've never easily gained weight and I've been about 90 pounds for 3 years.) I have tons of questions though. How quickly or slowly do these symptoms come? Does anyone know why the majority of my family has 1 thyroid disorder and I have a different one? I've been doing some research, and it seems that this is a manageable condition...but I joined this site because I want to know what other people have gone through. What's the process of treatment like? Does everyone take that radioactive pill, or conversely a hormone suppressant every day for their whole lives? Please, please let me know anything that you feel is worth knowing. It would help me more than you know. Thank you <3
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Hi I am 16 too and I have been diagnosed with an overactive thyroid and it is also in my family. Most of my family has under active and I have overactive. I was put on tablets as soon as I found out and I am still struggling with weight a bit and especially excercising I used to be the top person in my class for fitness now I am bottom my heart races and i get severee headaches when I do fitness or endurance training but now it is starting to become under control and I am only on 10 mg of the medication now.

I was diagnosed at 10 years old, in 5th grade. Now here I am a senior in High School and I still have it. I've been taking Synthroid EVERYDAY since then.

I just got diagnosed today. I have no idea and I'm 16. But it makes me feel better that I'm not the only one. Thanks.

Yeah, your lucky :P i was higher than a 5.<br />
& that's so true ( : you'll more likely get it as an adult.

Welcome ( :

Hi, <br />
my name's Christina ( : I also have hyperthyroidism!<br />
I'm 15 years old and was diagnosed with this condition when i was only 13 years of age. <br />
If you would like i could help you, answer probably a majority of your questions :P For 1, symptoms. Um, i believe it's different for everybody! Nobody's journey would be the same so it'd be real hard for somebody else to let you know when your symptoms will occur. <br />
I don't have an answer for your second question sorry!<br />
3. Treatment, well usually if your under the age of 18 they will not give you a radioactive pill and kill your thyroid. That's what it actually does. It's a one time treatment to stop it from over-acting, so they kill it, leaving you with hypothyroidism. <br />
I'm personally on medication to keep my thyroid under control. I go for blood work every two months to check to see if my thyroid is under control ir if they need to change the med dosage. <br />
This is what they will most likely do to you as well. They try to stay away from the radio active pill until 18 because your body is still developing and the thyroid affects this. <br />
<br />
Personally my experience was tough, difficult; I'm not going to lie. My doctor told me my heart was beating 105 times per minute. way over. Soon enough they had shipped me from a childrens physician (because he had no clue what to do with me xD) to a specialized doctor at McMaster's Children Hosptial for Sick Kids. I was then anounced a rare child. <br />
)If you didn't already know, hyperthyroidism in children is rare. and when i found out about this site and that you were around my age, i actually got exited :) it feels really great to know somebody with the same condition.)<br />
So yeah, they put me on meds and he told me i could no longer do any physical activity. No sports, no running, only walking and relaxing. He even told me to be careful when going up the stairs! lolz.<br />
I'm not going to lie, i did indeed have moments when i felt life was unfair, worthless, and horrible. However, i tried very hard to see the good side. In the end i pulled through, and trust me its very rewarding. Hyperthyroidism helped me discover who i was, and my strengths and weaknesses. I look and the world now and see a place filled with hope and dreams. i can do physical activities again, and live almost a completely normal life. I jsut take medication every morning before school. <br />
so yeah, that's my story. If you don't mind i'd like to stay in contact with you; maybe we can even be friends :) <br />
~I really hope what i wrote helps!<br />
~Thanks for listening<br />

No physical activities?! Oh no no! I dance! First they said I have asthma and now I read this. I want to cry!