Pretty Sure I Have Hyperthyroidism

About 3 Weeks ago I started having this itchy redness that was on my back, and would come and go. Then one morning I had chest pain that seemed to go from my back to my chest. I went to the doctor because I was scared from this chest pain, and had them check out my rash too. The guy said I don't see anything, and I think you are just having rib cage pain probably from carrying the baby or exercise and to Ice it and take ibuprofen. So I did this, but knew this was not just rib cage pain it was more like chest pain so I started reading on the Internet, and found all this information about all the different cancers I could have, and then I started getting anxiety thinking that I was dying. Within the past 3 weeks I have been having a rash, feeling light headed, nausea, fullness in center of chest (indigestion?), weaker than normal, sweaty, pressure headaches, numb throat, chest pain, tiny red dots on skin, hip pain, stomach pains, and also noticed when I go running on treadmill I can only run for 2 minutes before my heart rate reaches 190's. So I went to the doctor with this, and he looked at me like I was crazy, and asked if I wanted anxiety meds. (I also just had a baby 4 mo's ago, and he said this could also bring on anxiety) He said if it will make you feel better we can do a blood test. So I took the anxiety rx since all I can think about is that I have cancer, and said yes I want a blood test!! So I work at the hospital where my labs were taken so I got to have a sneak peak, and found that I have high FT3, T4 total, T3 total, and Free T4, and very low TSH. Everything else seemed to check out good except high chloride. Looking up online I found all this info about hyperthyroidism which was a relief it's not more serious!!! But I'm still freaking out, and I tried calling my doctor today to go over results, but he didn't call me back. Has anyone else had any of these symptoms?
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I have all the symptoms you mentioned right now and I have hyperthyroidism. My TSH is very low, and my T3 & T4 are so high, so that keeps me so anxious and depressed. I'm on Carbimazole 5mg 3x a day for 5 days now. I feel a little improvement on my fatigue which is now lesser but the palpitation, breathlessness, anxiety, shakiness, depression is still there. Im telling myself to have faith that I will be cured in this disease in time because the meds take sometime to cure my system. My doctor also took another lab test for me(i just forgot the name of the test) to know if I'm positive of Grave's disease or not. I'll be back next week for the result. Yes, this disease is life shattering, let's just have faith that we will be cured. Whenever i feel depressed and anxious with this disease I just think that this is curable and somebody out there is surviving from cancer. Our disease is not cancer, its hyperthyroid. Its curable. You just to have faith.

Hello, good day im also a hyperthyroid patient. And i agree this illness is not as cancer which is scary. We just have faith in ourselves. We will be cured promise i know. Message me please. I want to know more about you ant to ur thyroid problem too