Has Anyone Had Their Thyroid Removed Due To Being Hyperactive?


hi everyone. i was put on ptu last month[1 tablet every day] for my hyperactive thyroid to even out my levels[my levels were really high before i started taking this medicine] before i decide to make my appointment to have the surgery done to remove my thyroid and i was told that i have to have surgery to get my thyroid removed and that its highly recommend with how i've been feeling since i found out i was hyperactive back in 2007 and since the radioactive iodine didnt help to kill it off. since i started taking ptu i have noticed a difference with how i've been feeling so it is working to keep the symptoms,etc. under control but i was told yesterday at my doctor appointment i can only be on ptu for only a year or two because it can cause damage to my liver and cause some other health problems down the road. i know surgery is different for everyone but i just wanted to read everyone's experience with having their thyroid removed because this would be my first time having surgery done and i would just like to read everyone's experience to kind of ease my mind and just so i can feel a little less nervous/stressed about this. my doctor told me that once i get my thyroid removed i will be hypo and i will be put on a different type of medicine thats alot safer and after awhile i will start to feel alot better and be able to lose the weight that i have gained being hyperactive,etc


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To Supervixen76,

Why does taking vitamin with thyroid med should be 4hours apart? And what are the vitamins your taking?

Some vitamins, especially calcium can interfere with medication absorption. I take the thyroid meds in the morning, just after getting up and don't eat or drink anything for an hour. Best way to take it, from what I've read.

I was hyper than had the radio active treatment that did work for me and I am hypo but I gained so much weight has the thyroid tissue was dying off it was bad. But the medicines or the hypo are pretty good dr monitors the t3and t4 levels every 6 weeks. FYI don't take thyroid meds with vitamins. They have to be 4 hours apart

Hi aieshao, I had a partial (left side) thyroidectomy in 2010. It wasn't a bad surgery at all! I recovered quickly and felt better. Never even had to take pain medication after it. The surgery does leave a scar, but applying Vitamin E oil or coconut oil does help it to not show as much. Unfortunately, I will have to get another surgery done to remove the right side, too. There are 4 large nodules in the right side, and many small ones, and 1 large one on the isthmus and a substernal mass. Make sure they are going to take the whole thyroid out so you don't end up having to get another surgery later. I'm kindof bummed about it. I have been hyperthyroid since the first surgery...also have gained a lot of weight. Can't seem to lose an ounce no matter what. It's strange, because being hyperthyroid, supposedly you lose weight...not so in my case. Hoping this will work well for you. Hypothyroid is no fun either, but if they can get your med dose right, you should be OK, just be patient, it takes time.