it is not me with the hyperthyroid but my boyfriend of four years it is very difficult he lost ob and my mother hada stroke one day we were shopping for cloths to go to dallas for thanksgiving next day she was in hospital  my boyfriend and i are very active in past four years we have run at least 6 marathons and 3 ultra   i noticedweight lost couple of months a ago and started questioning him  got on line and he matched symptoms  but he thinks he is fine  family thinks he is just stresses about job  his sister i found out was on meds for hyperthyroid she died at 30 but no ones knows why they say something about her heart    last night was very sreange he we t to shriprock for a amraton was going yto sleep outside but he said to much noise so he stayed at hotel names anizasi  wanred to know if tat was small creature because he could here creatures next door  then he text in morn  everything about us is strange am scared and worried
suzgbar suzgbar
May 6, 2012