Just Need Someone Who Knows What Its Like

I don't know where to start. I've has hyperthyroidism for the past 4 years, I've bounced back and forth with medicine and other treatments. I'm currently not on any. I don't feel comfortable with any of them, I don't want to loose my thyroid I just wish it'd go away, which I know isn't going to happen unless I do something about it. I hate all the side effect. especially when I get angry or upset its like nothing calms me down. I don't think the people around me know all the dangers to this problem. I've done a lot of research has any one tried the , Proactol diet? I want to try it, but its a change in life, so is an over active thyroid. I'm tires of feeling this way, I just need a push to actually do this. need some advice or someone to talk to that's going threw this too. I need to be stronger when it come to dealing with the treatment
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1 Response Sep 19, 2012

I know the feeling. I tried diets, muscle testing and a lot of other crazy stuff the first time my thyroid when off the chart. What helped me was totally avoiding iodine. I was eating lots of seaweed and drinking green drinks, trying to be all healthy! Turns out seaweed is soooo high in iodine it's crazy.
I would consider taking something. Methimzole sounds like its the safest med. I take 10 mg ,1 daily and may even need a little more, but I'm waiting for my next blood test. If you don't do anything your heart rate may get so fast it's dangerous, and I was told the hyper ness destroy your bones.??? Try everything you can BEFORE you have you thyroid removed. It takes time also, mine took almost a year of totally avoiding iodine foods to get back to normal. I find relaxation and hypnosis apps help me a lot when I think I'm going to kill something/one. I'll be thinking about you, hope you feel some peace. Susan