Stress Compensation

I didn't realize I was doing it till the Radiologist pointed it out. I have really intense allergies. Sometimes it gets so bad, I can't breathe and my lungs close. I begin breathing really hard just to get enough air, so I'm gasping to just exist. This is very stressful on my lungs as well as the rest of my body especially my upper back, sinuses and all those connected body systems. Even after I was given a shot of epinephrine and I relaxed a little, I continued to do it for several hours. Since all this happened while I was in a hospital, my adrenaline was keeping me alert and active to deal with coming to the brink of my death. So I was in the middle of having a CT scan and the doctor said, "Why are you hyperventilating"? It was then I realized that I was doing it. I concentrated on my breathing and meditated a bit while he performed the procedure. After he was finished and began wheeling me down the hall to my next destination, he commented "That's better, just continue to breathe normally. Your CT scan is fine, you didn't damange anything internally."

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Practicing mind over matter is very helpful with controlling my reactions to things destiney24.